The school's rubble lay in front of us. We were close enough to climb around it if it weren't for that damn fence that prevented us. It was one of those wire fences that would surround a school's playfield, and it was covered by a tarp. If the people who put this up didn't want people to see the damage they did to the beloved, hundred-year-old, building of Driscoll School, they did an incredibly terrible job, considering that the tarp had holes, allowing me, my sister, my best friend, and my best friend's cousin to peek in and look at the rubble.

"What's even worse is the new building is ugly," my sister said.

"And so many windows," I whined. Due to my visual impairment, I didn't like daylight, so windows were considered evil in my book.

"Remember the old library?" my best friend's cousin asked.

"Yeah, I loved that place," I stated. "It was massive. I remember getting lost there when I was in the second grade and still new to the school."

"Well, the new library is about a quarter the size of it." my best friend's cousin told me.

"You've got to be kidding me!" my sister snapped.

My friend's cousin just shook her head. The only thing that could be heard was the distant sound of crosslights going off and my best friend trying to slurp up the last of their boba. 

We continued our walk around the new building, throwing insults at it every chance we got. Usually something about how it looked too professional for an elementary school, or just that the modern style stole away what made Driscoll stand out in the past. 

"Remind me who thought this was a good idea?" my sister asked.

"The board of directors? Entitled parents? I don't know or want to know," my best friend said. "Either way, they quite literally demolished all of our childhoods."

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15 years old

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