This Shared Moment

Warm eyes staring back at me,

shining with love as full as the sea.

Smiles shared as the time ticks by.

We see no one but each other,

as we dance our hours away,

gleefully happy in each others presence.

We know that nothing lasts forever,

but to us, this moment will.

It’ll haunt the depths of our minds late at night.

As we’ll think of every fond moment in great light.

This love may not last, but our shared glances,

our shared giggles, laughter, and joy will.

For what’s the point of living if we don’t cherish it?



16 years old

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  • What You Couldn’t Say

    Your words were like a false sea,

    only meant to convince me.

    And when I asked what it’d be,

    you still decided to go with the wind,

    Foolishly I still waited, until eventually,

    I grew tired of waiting for you,

  • Fog

    Fog gently wraps itself around-

    everything above the ground,

    as the memory of rain plagues the land,

    its presence peaceful as it brings silence.

    The worries of the day have been washed away,

  • A Warm Plague

    The wind dances around me,

    as I watch the sun melt into the sea.

    The colors melting together in a blur.

    Dusk is approaching as the stars begin to stir.

    Winters icy hug is distant as it leaves,