I went into high school with my fist held high to the world
Screaming “I'm ready, show me your best punches” 
I left freshman year with my fists broken and bleeding, 
The chunks of my heart shattered around the trees
 and small pieces launched into my rib cage. 
The bags under my eyes held pieces of a brick that I tried to throw at life 
Now that brick is a symbol of failure 
I have stayed awake fighting a war I felt was impossible to win 
I refuse to slip to the ground 
But what if I'm currently falling 
Even after the fall, 
I know I will land on a knife 
The last fight does not exist 
Unless you come to terms with losing more than you have to give 
This town I have walked too many times is now covered in a filter 
of grey and black
Some red in between to represent the blood we internally bleed 
Vulnerable to the thoughts that crowd our head 
We live in a world of glass 
where one tap from someone we love will shatter the world as a whole 
Building another one made of steel takes time 
But soon that will be our new house
The place we live in fear of those we trust
Whom we are supposed to trust
So we slip into a trance until 12 am 
when our parents start to snore 
We live in a world of street lamps 
And two am music 
Slowly causing us to go deaf 
But who cares 
We have nothing to fear except for ourselves 
When we die we won’t matter 
After a month no one will talk about you anymore 
When you die you won’t remember life
So why try? 
Is it for validation? 
Of those who have destroyed your faith in yourself 
Is it for you? 
The person you know will never be satisfied? 
In the next week who knows if we will still live 
So go deaf 
At least then you can’t hear the BS that escapes the school's mouth 
Hang with friends 
At least they kind of understand you
At least you can escape reality for a few hours 
Yes, you may be a teenager 
But you still have a voice 
you still have thoughts 
or did those shatter with the glass house?
stay safe in the steel house 
for steel doesn’t shatter 
Even if you already have. 




17 years old

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