Sisters of the Land

In most stories, there’s only two sides.

Though, that is not the case here.

Four sisters, rule the land side by side.

The eldest, Winter, rules with a heart of ice.

As her little sister, Spring creates a sea,

In hopes it’ll look extravagantly nice-

to the humans Summer watches over.

As she impatiently waits for her turn-

to rule, as she keeps their fires ablaze.

Fall, the most quiet one of them all, paints the leaves,

as if she takes the beautiful colors and weaves-

them into the plants; like fire ready to burn.

Winter crafts intricate mazes-

ready to build the sisters a palace.

Summer, though, is full of malice.

As she and Spring will slowly melt the sculpture.

Unlike her sisters, Fall is like a vulture-

ready to find something new to have-

or somewhere new to simply be.

Spring quickly creates her own castle-

moving as far East as she can.

Summer follows suit, moving South in a hurry.

Fall, unwilling to stay in one spot leaves her sister to stand-

alone as she rules in a cloud of worry.

Though, Winter’s heart is one of ice.

She knows how her sisters are like mice.

Winter knows, they’ll eventually come back.

Until then, Winter rules the unforgiving North,

Spring rules the frigid, flowery East,

Summer rules the humid South,

and Fall rules the beautiful West. 

Posted in response to the challenge Fall: Writing.



15 years old

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