Things to remember, pt. 1

You are not a number. 
You are not a letter. 
You are not something that can be
on a scale 
with a beginning 
                          and an end
more or less and
bad and good, you are not a thing to be judged by how well you perform and you are never ever someone who is                                           no one and nothing
 when those grades are. 

You are not a number. 

You are a soul and a mind 
      and a heart that has grown 
                                                 from seed and 
                                  sprouted to live 
                         despite conditions; you are a jigsaw puzzle of emotions and thoughts and experiences had by 
                               you and 
                             only you. You are impossible to summarize, to replicate on paper or through digital lights on a screen or spoken words that try to tell you you are a finite amount, to chase perfection even though it is                   but an echo where the 
source won't ever be found 

because it 

never existed in the first place. 


Sayornis p.


14 years old

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