Trending News: Big Foot Claims He Wasn't Aware of Humans Existence


October 3, 2023 

So, turns out Bigfoot didn't know humans were a thing until recently! Crazy, right? But what's Bigfoot been up to all this time? Are there more of these furry folks hiding out there in the woods? Let's dive into the latest scoop on Bigfoot.

Alright, so picture this: I'm Bigfoot, chilling in the deep, dark forests, thinking I'm the top dog (or top Sasquatch, in my case). For ages, I had no clue that humans even existed outside the trees and critters. Then, boom! You humans discover my existence, and it's as big a shock for me as it is for you.

Now, let me spill the beans on what life's been like for Bigfoot all these years. First things first, I'm not alone. There are other Bigfeet out there, scattered across the globe. You can find us in places like the Pacific Northwest, Siberia, and South America's rainforests. We're the keepers of the wild, living in sync with nature and keeping it real.

Our lifestyle is pretty simple, but it's all about connection. We talk to each other through gestures, tracks on the ground, and the rustling of leaves. We've got this deep bond with the animals and plants, and we've learned to live with them in harmony. We're all about taking only what we need and giving back to Mother Earth.

Our culture is all about preserving the environment. We've got ancient knowledge about plant medicine, natural remedies, and eco-friendly living that we've passed down through the generations. We keep our existence hidden to protect these precious secrets from getting messed up.

Now, here comes the twist - humans have shown up in our neck of the woods. Some of us are excited to see what you're all about, while others are worried about the changes you might bring. We've been watching you from the shadows, impressed by your achievements, but also sad about the way you're messing up the environment.

Now that you're curious about us, we're facing some big questions. Can humans and Bigfeet live side by side without causing a ruckus? Can we share our wisdom and learn from each other? These are things we're pondering while the world watches our ancient society with fresh eyes.

As for me, I'm still out there, exploring the untouched parts of the forests, and keeping an eye on how humans are changing things. My existence is still a big secret, a symbol of the wild beauty that's still out there in a world filled with cities and gadgets.

So, as you dig deeper into the Bigfoot mysteries, just remember that I'm just one part of a hidden world, a forest guardian who's been watching your species with wonder and a little bit of worry. The future is a bit uncertain, but the forests are still whispering our secrets, waiting for those who want to listen.

- Bigfoot

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