Let Me Introduce You to My Dreams

Let me introduce you to my dreams, they said.
A dream I will make come true, it seems.
At eight years old, under twinkling beams,
I dreamt of being a poet, fueled by gleams.

But life's path took a winding road,
And as I grew, my dreams did erode,
Yet a flicker remained, a poet's abode,
In my heart, a passion deeply bestowed.

Now, at forty-five, I stand anew,
With words and verses, as my dreams accrue.
The universe beckons, a canvas so blue,
Sending my poems to space, a vision to pursue

Let me tell you about my dreams 
With the moonlight's silver threads on high,
Weave tales of love 'neath the cosmic sky.
In whispered secrets, hearts do sigh,
As time itself begins to fly.

With each new night, a canvas vast,
Where dreams are woven, shadows cast.
In the realm of night, we're free at last,
In its embrace, our worries past.

Posted in response to the challenge Ada Limón.



17 years old

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