As The Days Grow Shorter

As The  Days Grow Shorter 

As days grow shorter and the world grows still, 

Autumn's magic works its tranquil skill

A season of reflection, change, and grace, 

In every falling leaf, a timeless embrace

The scent of earth and apples in the breeze, 

As harvest's bounty falls from orchard trees 

A time for gatherin', for joy and cheer, 

Autumn's table set, there's nothing to fear.

The trees, they stand like jazzmen old and wise,

 In sultry grace, they reach up to the skies

 A lesson learned, let go and just be cool, 

In every fall, a lesson for the fool

Leaves, they sway in colors so divine,

 Emerald to crimson, they sure do shine 

They dance and twirl in the crisp, cool air, 

A farewell waltz, a rhythm oh so rare.

The chill in the air, a sweet, mellow note, 

A reminder life's a rhythm, don't you gloat!!



17 years old

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