Like ink spreads on paper
the stars spread across the sky
I reach out
as though to grab them
but alas
they are untouchable
for a kid like me
I try
to stand taller
and brush them 
with my fingertips
but alas
they are untouchable
I long for the feeling
of touching light itself
and letting stars
sit softly in my palm
but alas
they are untouchable



15 years old

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  • Thoughts after the fair

    I’ve never enjoyed the feeling of being sick to your stomach on a fair ride. Maybe I just don’t have the iron-willed intestines that all of my friends seem to have, because I get sick from going on the teacups at a normal speed.

  • october, my love

    my love,
    it is good to see you once again.

    although it appears i have missed
    your grand entrance,
    while i left the room.

    i walked along the street to visit you,
    and looked up,
  • scratches

    skin pulled taut and tight
    burning like the light
    that seeps through cracks
    underneath the door

    from stray branches and walking
    throughout the woods, balking
    at the idea
    of no path

    water rests on skin