To Wander Within Your Reach

Every day is new, 

All because of you. 

You brought me this world, 

And were there for every journey, 

Every step and every chapter, 

While I learned to live my life 

Kindly and creatively. 


You taught me to care, 

To share and to be there, 

To know when others needed help, 

But to still care about me.


You let me be brave, 

To take chances yet behave, 

Let me teach myself to be smart 

But not be afraid to take a risk. 


It’s because of you that I know 

How to ride a bike and to ski, 

How to do division and to read. 

You gave me the clay to mold myself, 

But the freedom to decide who to be, 

Ways I can be unique from you, 

But still walk away with the best of your qualities. 


You gifted me with the right to wander, 

To freely ponder, 

But also to be protected, 

Safe within your reach. 


Every day is new, 

And I love you.


Posted in response to the challenge Spring: Writing Contest.



14 years old

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