What Poets think about at midnight when they can’t find their AirPods

AirPods oh AirPods now where could you be?

On the table or stuck in a tree?

AirPods oh AirPods where art thou now?

When will you come around?

AirPods oh AirPods just show a whiff,

I want to listen to Taylor Swift .

AirPods oh AirPods please come around,

I am longing for music’s sweet sound.

AirPods oh AirPods what shall I do?

I am truly missing you.

AirPods oh AirPods are you under my bed?

Or are you outside instead?

AirPods oh AirPods please show yourself,

I need music for my health.

AirPods oh AirPods I need you,
Are you ever going to come through? 

Posted in response to the challenge Spring: Writing Contest.



12 years old

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