A bug in the sun

Just another version

Of the deer in headlights

Except the car



The bug

Keeps going


Swirling towards the light

For no reason

But it doesn't know that yet.

It simply continues

Until it hits a point

Where the altitude becomes

Too much 

And it looks up at the Sun.

"You deceived me!"

The bug screams to the Sun,

It's wails of hopelessness reach into the corners of existence, causing depression and riot wherever it may lead.

The Sun replies with,

"And you gave me hope, still to fail. You fell."

And so the bug did. 

As the Sun called it's mournful goodbye

The bug's wings tired

Making it impossible to keep flight

And so it fell.

A somber breeze carried the bug

A few inches upward

And hope gleamed in it's eye

Finding the Sun

Before the wind could carry it no more

And so it, too, fell towards the steady embrace of earth's grace.

And the bug

Touches the ground

Resting in auburn leaves 

And sounds of creatures

Much higher than it

Ever could be,

At peace.


Because it's just 

A bug in the sun.




14 years old

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