you like it don't you

you like it don't you? 

you like how it makes you feel to be loved

you like the gifts it gives you

and the glow in her eyes when she sees you

you like it don't you?

you like to be loved

but you don't love the person loving you

you don't let yourself

you think to love is to be weak

that you don't need it 

and you weren't always this way

you used to love with passion

you used to pick out the perfect flowers for her

the flowers now wilt at her grave

and people told you you're allowed to date

allowed to love after loss

but you can't 

but you like it don't you?

you like to feel the love

yet never will she feel that love from you

because its not that easy to move on 

you like the love she gives you because it reminds you of her

but to love would be to betray her

even though you know shed want you to move on

so you like the love

but you only ever receive it anymore

Posted in response to the challenge Spring: Writing Contest.



14 years old

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