The You That You Are

I love the you that you are when you are alone, 

The you that you are when you’re at home, 

When you look with soft eyes at the cat, 

The you that you are when you step onto the doormat. 


I love the you that you are when you welcome me in, 

When you take down a wall and I let you win. 

You are the most you when you’re lost to your interest. 

I’d listen all day, love, it isn’t deliberate. 


I love the you that you are when you lean up against me, 

Intentional or no, I’m your honoree. 

If the place that you’re at involves the you that you are, 

I’ll cross all the heavens, planets, and Mars, 

I’ll check every creek, borough, mountain, and glen, 

I'll ask every manticore, beaver, and wren. 

If it involves you, love, 

The person you are when push comes to shove, 

I’ll record every minute, 

Trace the lines of your spirit, 

Write maps of your scars. 

Friend, oh love, 

For you, 

I’d count every star. 




17 years old

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