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Oct 04

Draft it

After taking into account the feedback you received on the last XP, you should be ready to launch into a full draft. If there were any areas that confused your reader, be sure to make note of what changes you need to make/information you need to add on your outline.
Activty I

Activty: Latch on to your narrative, find the confidence behind your voice, and have faith in your story. This is a great piece on getting started on your college essay that you might find helpful.

You may want to take a look at a few style tips while you're writing. A few things to avoid:
  1. wordiness, repetitiveness
  2. vague and imprecise language
  3. cliches
  4. overusing “I” (it is a personal essay, so you can use it, but you need variance, lest your essay get boring)
  5. excessive digressions
  6. too much flowery language--use words that you know well.
  7. weak verbs
  8. too much passive voice
  9. expletive constructions--”It was…” “There were…” cut to the chase
But for now, don't think too much about the small stuff. Just let your outline guide you, and get a draft written. Don't spend too much time on any one part, keep on pushing through!
Activity II
Activity II: Once you have a full draft completed, make a recording of yourself reading it aloud. Mark any places where you struggle to to get the words out, or where you want to make any changes at all.

This is your personal essay. It should be in your voice. Is it?

Upload your recording, and post your draft as a response to this XP.
Feedback: Read at least one other XP response, listen to their recording, and let them know what parts really stuck with you. Conversely, were there any parts that confused you?