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Oct 04

A Good Argument

Before we get started delivering our own brilliant argumentative pieces, let's take a look at a couple of compelling pieces. After you read through these two pieces, take a moment to think about what worked well, and what didn't.

Harry Potter: pampered jock, patsy, fraud (I know, this may be hard for some of you Potterheads to read...)

Here's a Little Tip about Gratuities (There's a good chance you've never actually used a coat check... they aren't all that common. But this article does a good job of bringing about a point of view that, apparently, no one had been considering. And makes a powerful argument along the way.)

Whether you agree or disagree with the arguments made in these articles isn't the point here--what we should concentrate on is whether the arguments were well-made. What do you think? Did they make you see the issue from a perspective you might not have thought about? Did they challenge your thinking? Post a response to this XP that explains why you thought these arguments were powerful, or not. You can write about both articles, or focus on the one that intrigues you more.