Workshop > Remember The Time
Oct 12

Remember The Time

Create a sketch inspired by a memorable experience with a friend, relative, neighbor, etc. Don't skimp on the details. What makes the experience memorable?  

Think of a memorable day (or moment, or season.. or.. or..) with a friend, neighbor, etc. (For example, I remember a beautiful, rainy, spring morning in Boston, holding hands with an old girlfriend while waiting to take a bus to Vermont.)  What was, or is, memorable about your encounter? What do you want (and need) the reader to know and remember? Although we are going to write a poem based upon your foundation, this sketch doesn't have to be a poem. The idea is for you to revel in the moment you've chosen and write it down.  As one of my favorite high school English teachers was fond of saying, "Don't think - just write!"

(This is where authors create their sketch/bank of images inspired by the recollection previously described.)

Post your sketch/poem foundation as a response to this XP. We'll build more on it in the next XP.

Feedback: Take a look at what else has been posted. Are there any that stand out to you? Do you have questions? Let them know.