Oct 14
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The Witch Under The Bed

It was a recurring thing. In the little town of Wishtown, there was a young girl named Europe. Every night, as she went to bed, she heard the sound of a witch laughing. Enough was an enough and she decided to figure out where it was coming from. So she invited some of her friends to sleepover. They watched romantic movies, eat popcorn, sang and soon, almost too soon, it was time for bed. Just before they went to bed, Europe heard the witch again.
“Did you hear that?” she asked her friends.
“Yah,” said her best friend Chloe. “What was that?”
“I don’t know. It’s happening every time I go to bed.”
“Then why did you invite us over?” replied Julie, the mean one in this group.
“Because I thought you guys could help me figure this out.”
“I will!” said Asia, a quiet girl.
“Me too!” said Cassandra, a rather popular girl who had no reason to be here.
“Me three!” Chloe said, a little too excited.
That left Julie.
“Are you in?” asked Europe.
“Heck no. Goodbye losers,” Julie said as she got up to leave, but before she could, the door slammed in front of her. They all screamed and huddled close together.
“The party isn’t over yet,” said a voice, cracked and low from age. Female definitely, but the strange thing was it sounded like it was coming from under the bed.
And then, the cackle came. It came and kept on coming, not even bothering to stop for a breath. The girls pushed Julie towards the bed, and reluctantly, she looked under. Faster than you can say holy guacamole, Julie was gone.
“Oh come on girls, are you really going to leave your friend for dead?” said the lady.
“Please! No!” yelled Julie.
Slowly, they all went to the bed and slid under. It was dark and smelled like burnt chicken.
“Now that’s better,” said the lady, and when their eyes adjusted, they saw a old women dressed in all black sitting at a table set for 5. Next to her, there was a oven, filled with smoke. “Please, sit. Dinner should be ready soon.”
“Wait, where’s Julie?” asked Chloe.
“Why, she’s right here,” the witch said as she opened the oven. The room was soon clouded by smoke and the smell of burnt chicken. “She was meanest anyway, so I did you a favor and got rid of her first.”The girls try to scream, but before they can, there are ropes around their mouths and arms and they are slowly being lowered into a steaming hot fire, first Cassandra, second Asia, third Europe, and last Chloe. Europe looks up to see the witch smiling down at them. Before the witch closes the oven the door, she lets out a long cackle. Then, the door closes and the girls all close their eyes, knowing there is no hope for them.
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