Oct 22
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What Beauty Is

Beauty is the elegance and grace of a sparkling shooting star gliding across the night sky. Beauty is the sunset with the trees just slightly blocking it. Plants are beautiful, colors are beautiful, many things are beautiful. But one thing that is extremely beautiful are people.

People can beautiful in the concept of outer beauty but also inner beauty. Outer beauty is the appearance of someone,whereas inner beauty is someone’s personality.  Although some people may think that there is only outer beauty, others believe there is only inner beauty and outer beauty doesn’t matter. I disagree with both opinions. To me, inner beauty is very important, but that does not mean you can neglect outer beauty. Outer beauty can cause someone to be more confident and feel better in their own skin. Although I feel outer beauty is something you shouldn’t forget, it is also something you shouldn’t need to change. Maybe you feel that you’re not good enough or that you don’t matter because you’re not beautiful. But that is more than incorrect. Outer beauty is not so important that you need to feel down on yourself. Outer beauty should only help you feel better about yourself, never worse. When you compliment someone on what they look like, it usually makes someone feel good but that doesn’t mean it should be the only thing you compliment someone on.  

Inner beauty is very important and should be something you express and show. Kindness is one way to show inner beauty, but so is happiness. When you are happy you can project your happiness on to others and cause them to be happy as well. Inner beauty can display a new side of you and can really make an impact on you and on others. When you are kind to someone, you feel better and so does the other person. Although I feel outer beauty is important, I do feel inner beauty is even more important. Inner beauty is something special and can change for every person.

Inner and outer beauty are very connected in the way that when you are happy and kind, it shows on your face and in your stance. It illuminates your face with a big, bright smile which could be considered outer beauty, but you only smile because of inner beauty. You stand taller and seem a lot happier on the outside when you are happy on the inside. Being confident, happy and kind are all very important, things so that is why both inner beauty and outer beauty are things that should never be neglected.