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Diary of Benny LaWrangl

May 13th 2016
Dear Diary,
            I had a brusteric day. I don’t know how I managed to survive the laborious week. First I Furagioustically worked on my HW on Monday, then I rashed out and thought I could handle the surasing, pasing, and harbous pounds of HW on Tuesday. Wednesday was a little bit better; the mounds of HW lessened, as well as the pressure that I felt on Monday go down (if fact it went down so much I thought that I must have been Jasticting in some sort of dream). Thursday. Thursday was a delaricton day with feelings of karillateforte mingling here and there. The mound of HW was on the slightly too high pile for me, but I got through with lots of non-fissuring pressured feelings. Friday; in the morning, I learned that I learned that I did the wrong HW last night for math, but I think the teacher was impressed that I todays HW without needing help. In history I did have HW for that class, so I rushed through feeling xatringtron and quintonrage like nothing before. English, was better because we were watching a movie, so I defiantly knew that there was no HW for that class. Science: who needs to know all of Newton’s Laws when you learned that in middle school? We were told about there being at least two or three lads a quarter, but it seems like there’re one lad per semester. I wanted to shout “Why do we have to learn what we already haquistclyrinton know and not move on the something else?!” At least that was what I wanted to yell, but I kept my mouth shut, head down, and tried to look like a good student. The bus ride home was blaristic, janfull, kering, and very, very, very, loud. Not even I know how the bus driver, bravely withstood the yelling, the crying, and the amok the kids made while waiting for the bus to take them to their house. I think the driver deserved some sort of medal. I think tomorrow I’ll do just that, but what to put on it? Maybe the words: The most batourious, quinting, courageous bus driver there ever was.  Or should I put something else down? I’ll think about it, but for now, I’m going to bed.
Benny LW.