Dec 01
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My thoughts

My thoughts 

I was walking around this little old town in Burlington Vt thinking about the presidential election for Trump, I thought
It is time,It is time we stick up for ourselves and our daughters,
 because we are not toys for boys, 
we are not slaves or maids, 
we don't have to listen to what you say,
 you may think that you have control over my body and do whatever you want, 

You may think that you have control over everybody and do whatever you want, 
but you don't,  not now, and if us women make things right maybe not ever,
 people chose the wrong person, most people who chose you had gone to prison,

Some girls are so scared they can't stick up for themselves,
They think this is the end, now I have been defeated, 

So I surrender, take over my body, have control over everybody, 
I give up, you win…..
But you know what I think, I think,
We should not give up, we should tell Trump that we are important too,
Not just you, we matter, we are not going to scatter,
We are strong, we are one, we are people, we are women.