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Feb 09

Final Script

Now comes the fun part. And the difficult part. You've written a draft of your play. You've received some detailed feedback from other participants and evaluations from the Middlebury College playwrights. (Note: Some of the feedback may seem to conflict or may be something you disagree with. You are the playwright, you decide. But keep in mind the mentors have some experience.)

So a couple of hints on revision:
  • Re-read the version you completed in your last XP and read over people's comments.
  • Think about it.


Activity I
  1. Have your previous draft on another TAB in your browser.
  2. Open your draft in edit form and, in Body, select all and copy.
  3. Click RESPOND below and past your last draft. Save.
  4. Edit and polish the version you just pasted here.
  5. RECORD yourself (or with one or two other mates playing different parts) going through the entire play. (To do this, click ADD MEDIA, under Audio, click BROWSE, then click the RECORDER tab, then click AUDIO (you should see a box asking for permission to access your Mic, click allow), and then start to RECORD. When your done click SAVE. And save your piece. )
  6. Now listen to how it sounds. Take notes on what you notice.
  7. Go back and edit as you see fit. Re-record if you want.
Activity II
Now it's time to trade some feedback. Go to others' final scripts. Give them some feedback. Another copy of the evaluation form is attached here to remind you of what to look for. THEN, return to your own piece and see what other comments you've gotten and make changes if you want. Re-record if you want.