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Feb 09


So now will come the final evaluation -- and selection of the two plays that will get staged readings at The Vermont Young Playwrights Festival. (For those of you out of state or far away from Burlington, VT., YWP will be live streaming and recording the event. We will share that info with you.) The Middlebury College advanced playwriting students and their professor, Dana Yeaton, will be reading and critiquing the finished plays and will make the final selections. All of you will get detailed feedback.

Regardless of whether your play has been chosen, we hope the process and project has been worthwhile. Please fill out the Post Survey form and give us at YWP (and Middlebury) some feedback on how this workshop went for you. 

And if you want a larger audience, go back to your final draft, edit, and, near the bottom, where you see "Group Content Visibility" choose public and it will now be seen/heard by the YWP community.

Cheers and many thanks for participating

GG, Middlebury College Advanced Playwriting students and Dana Yeaton.