Workshop > Draft
May 01


Go back through your two lists -- moments and places -- and look over the you character backstory. Take a look at the feedback you got. Now write a draft. Write fast; make it to the end; walk away from the desk.

Activity I
Armed with some suggestions and additional thinking, write the draft. GO AS FAST AS YOU CAN. Do NOT go back to the beginning, or try to edit. Just go as fast as you can to the end. Make sure you have detail. Make sure to start later and end sooner.
Activity II
Go read two others' drafts and offer them ideas on how they can strengthen the story. Suggest some things they could add to the story -- some action, another character, a deeper want.

And then, read your own piece and COMMENT ON YOUR OWN piece.  (Don't make changes, just comment.) What do you notice? What would make it a better story?