Mar 18
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The Accident

It was an unusually sunny December afternoon when we got the news that my cousin had been in an accident. He was the passenger in an ATV when they flipped. His friend who was driving managed to get out from under the ATV and run for help. My grandfather was unaware of his condition but we knew that my cousin, Cole, was being DARTed to Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center. The accident happened in Barnet, Vermont, so my aunt and uncle were far away from the hospital. My family decided to go meet Cole at the hospital. When we arrived at the emergency department my cousin had not arrived yet. We sat in the green chairs by a long window and waited for an update. On the way to the hospital, my mom had called my godmother and asked her to meet us at there. About thirty minutes after we arrived at the hospital she showed up with coloring books and markers. Shortly after, the rest of my family began to arrive. My aunt and uncle went through the double doors to visit Cole. We all waited in silence. When they came out we learned that Cole had broken ribs, a fractured skull, collapsed lung, and a broken collar bone. Moments later my cousin's friend entered the sliding glass doors. For the next hour, we talked about the accident. Neither of them was wearing a helmet nor a seatbelt. After a while longer we learned that Cole being moved to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU). When we arrived at the PICU we had to wait in a small waiting room until we were permitted to visit him. My brother, sister, and I walked down a hallway and into a room with monitors and tubes everywhere. My cousin was lying tilted slightly downward because of the pressure in his skull. He was in an enormous amount of pain. My cousin is not a small boy, but I had never seen him so vulnerable and scared. It was very hard to see him in that condition. We kissed his forehead and told him that we loved him. A few days later my cousin was back to his charismatic self. He still had a hard recovery but he was going to be okay. Make sure you are always wearing a helmet and seatbelt. You never know what may happen. Cole was lucky that help was able to arrive so quickly.

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