Mar 23

They say.

They say to act pretty for the other gender.
To be barbie girl perfect.
With made-up faces and fits bodies, but also be stick thin.
To dress in designer clothes and have hair down to our behinds.
To be attractive.
But these expectations are deadlier than they believe.
They imprint impossible images of women into our minds.
And we beat ourselves to like them.
We shove ourselves into molds that we weren’t cast from.
We go days without eating,
Eventually developing disorders.
And when we do eat,
It’s calorie counting.
Our minds like math classes,
Numbers being shouted in every directions.
Trying to construct the perfect 500 calorie diet.
So that we too,
Can be like the slim fit beauties on magazine covers.
So that we can visually please the other sex.
But it’s hard to please someone when you’re fading away.