Apr 02
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The day I Messed up

The day I knew I messed up was the day I beat up my math teacher. I knew my momma was gonna get super angry but I didn't care. He said something that made me angry so I talked to him after school. He didn't see, like he wanted to talk and he pushed me away. I have a anger management problem so I exploded. I hit him as hard as I could and stomped on his face. When he got back up we started fighting again. I was good at fighting so he didn't touch me. His face was bloody and the police came. I out ran the police for 2 weeks until they found me in the woods crying with my hoodie on. They picked me up and put the cuffs on me. I went to a juvenile detention center for 6 months. That was the worst six months of my life. The jail was terrible. The guards didn't like me and I wasn't helping them with that. I was always getting into fights. I was in solitary confinement for 5 months. I went crazy in there. There was nothing to do. When it was time for me to leave the jail I went to court because the judge said I had to have probation for 2 years. I couldn't be out after 9 and I could only be at my house. I could also go to school but they kicked me out of my old school. The thing is that my mom didn't want me there. She told them to bring me to a orphanage. She was so upset with me. I cried for 4 hours in the orphanage. I knew I had to get out some way. I needed to get some friends of my own age so that I break out of this horrible place. We made a plan to get out of this place. We found out that there was a way to get to the roof from in our bed place. There was a locked door that you needed a key to get into. One of the kids I had become friends with also went to that same detention center for pocket picking. He was amazing at it. He took almost all my stuff just to show me that he was good at it. He was the perfect kid to take the key from the guard. 
It was going down tonight the key had to be taken. My friend was talking to the the guard and then I saw him take the keys right off the guard without him knowing. We escaped from the orphanage and hid from the police for a long time.

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