May 12

My Life In 8 I's

I am the one who writes in composition notebooks and legal pads, trying to fill one notebook a month.
I am the one who calls herself a writer, but makes fun of those who call themselves actors.
I am the one who can never keep a boy without losing him to places like Florida, Japan, and California.
I am the one who get's C's on her Latin tests, but magically won the Magna Cum Laude this year and the Maxima Cum Laude last year.
I am the one who is addicted to music and quit piano when she was sixteen years old.
I am the one who gave away her guinea pigs because she would rather keep her father.
I am the one who once had a crush on a seminiarian who was a good thirteen years older than I was.
I am the one who still listens to lullabies at night, and lastly, I am the one who does not have a phone.
About the Author: Graceth Harleli
"She is too fond of books and it has turned her brain." ~Louisa May Alcott