May 31

The Girls At My School

I have watched all of the high school and middle school movies. Mean Girls, Easy A, you name it, I've watched it. But I never actually took them seriously. Plus, having a whole year of middle school behind me, I'm pretty sure that I know what I'm talking about. Apparently, though, some girls think that you're supposed to act like Regina George in Mean Girls. There's a group of girls at my school, about 14 of them, who refer to themselves as "The Group". I recently discovered that every girl has a spot and that this spot can be taken away at any time by the Queen Bee, Regina Apis (that isn't her real name but for privacy purposes, I'll just use the Latin name for "Queen Bee"). Come to think of it, "The Group" is just like a bee hive. There's the Queen Bee, who lays eggs, or in this case, creates little clones of herself. Then are female workers, or Apis Operatur, who are used as spies, and to find new recruits, and report any dangerous behaviour. Then, there are House Bees, or Domum Apes, who in a hive would nurse baby bees, clean the hive, and be like Regina's ladies-in-waiting, which is exactly what they do in real life. They take care of the "new bees" (the newest members), or Puer Apes. They are Regina's closest circle of friends. Finally, there are foragers and undertakers. The foragers, or Apes Eros, are usually the Puer Apes, and scout around, trying to fit in, which takes at least two years (unless they are undertaken). The undertakers, the Apes Susceptor, are the worst. Only kept around for Regina's dirty work, these girls are the ones who remove a bee's spot, spread rumors and think they are the coolest. People. Ever.

So there you have it! The group of girls at my school, broken down like a bee hive. One disclaimer though: these girls are so nice in person, but together, they put on their masks, and become absolutely nasty.
*DISCLAIMER*:This is meant to be funny!!!!! Don't take it seriously!