Jun 21

Meet YWP's Summer Interns

Welcome YWP Summer Interns: Shannon Ripp, left, and Grace Safford, right, of Champlain College!
Watch for their comments on your writing under their usernames: ShanRippWriting and Grace Safford
AND -- new this summer! -- 14 YWP writers and one YWP alum from NYC will be helping us help you -- as Community Leaders (writing mentors, idea generators, project assistants, you name it!)
ALSO new this summer: WRITING BUDDIES.

YWP Community Leaders, Summer 2017
You'll soon recognize their names from their comments on your posts and other activities on youngwritersproject.org. They're "virtual interns" and they're from all over: Georgia, Virginia, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York -- and Vermont!

They are:

Graceth Harleli

And ... remember to reach out to YWP's staff, Geoff Gevalt: gg on youngwritersproject.org; [email protected]; (802) 324-9537 and Susan Reid: Reid on youngwritersproject.org; [email protected] ; (802) 324-9538.
And YWP's Summer Interns Shannon and Grace!

A little bit about Shannon and Grace: They are both Professional Writing majors at Champlain College, just up the street in Burlington.
Shannon Ripp (ShanRippWriting) is a rising junior, specializing in publishing with a minor in digital marketing. She loves writing creative non-fiction and poetry.
Grace Safford (Grace Safford) is a rising sophomore with a concentration in publishing and editing. Her genre of choice is realistic fiction, but she says she also has a "strange and obsessive passion" for grammar and editing.

This summer, feel free to contact any of us -- Geoff, Susan, Shannon, Grace and the rest of the Writing Buddies if you want someone to help you edit or revise your work, or just to toss some ideas around. We're  happy to help ... And make sure you check out YWP's  Writing Buddies program!

Happy Writing!