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A tiny moment, story

I feel like everytime I'm around someone I love I have to hug them a little harder.
I think I'm writing in my room too much...
A friend from when I was little died of suicide today. I cried and then ran two miles when I thought I couldn't run any.
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*hugs you* I'm so sorry and my thoughts are with you
21 hours ago
*Hugs you* I'm so sorry, support and thoughts to you and the family. If you ever need to talk about it, we're here for you
16 hours ago
I'm so sorry, this must be really hard on you. If I can do anything let me know, I can listen, read and hear you if you need. ❤️
6 hours ago
i give you my support, and my respect. that is a really terrible thing to go through. i'm here for you too if you need it.
5 hours ago
All of my support is with you, my friend. All of us are here for you.
4 hours ago
oh my gosh i'm so so sorry! that is an incredibly tough thing to go through. *hugs you really tight* we're here for you if you need to talk
18 min ago
SDJ 4.4.20
-all I want to do is write poetry right now
-now I have "all i wanna do" stuck in my head
-I have "life is a highway" stuck in my head
-Pixar is my lifesaver
-now I'm in the mood for lifesavers
-my goal is to learn how to do the splits before July
-I'm not sure if I believe in myself
-quarantine life as me doing anything I can think of
Social Distancing Journal - 04/04/2020
- what lasting impacts will this virus leave on society?
- I need to shower
- I don't want to shower
- I will only eat toast with a great deal of butter on it
- or ice cream
- or mac and cheese
- I want to go to school and hug every person I see
- what am I doing with my life?
I can r e a l l y relate with the hugging everyone part!!!
23 hours ago
This: "I will only eat toast with a great deal of butter on it"
And this: "hug every person I see"

Totally relatable.
23 hours ago
Complete the sentence:

I watched as the...
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...football player cried as tom brady...
1 day ago
...pulled off his helmet...
1 day ago
1 day ago
...I need Icecream- or else- we lose the game!!...
16 hours ago
...He pulled out his...
14 hours ago
...He then pulled out...
13 hours ago
I am really really thankful for all of my amazing teachers
Same. (I'm looking at you, mom!)
1 day ago
anyone else having trouble writing during these times? i have like four ongoing screenplays and usually i would love the chance to do more work on them but everything is so chaotic that i feel like i don't want to add any additional conflict into the world, even to tell a story. you know?
I recently finished the actual writing part of a novella and a 10-minute play, but I understand how you feel. This is totally changing the way I write because sometimes it feels like there isn't anything else to write about. ahhhhhhhh.....
1 day ago
Social Distancing Journal 03/03/2020
- just realized how awful my pixie cut (which requires a monthly trim to keep it short) is going to look by the end of this
- had two video chats today which made life better
- I'm still loving my exercise app
- today my butt is sore
- did some drawing with my friends via video chat
- set up plans for more video chatting
- going to watch movie with family now
- today was actually okay
I (weirdly) relate to loving your exercise app because I love mine too! (Is that a super weird thing to say)
1 day ago
not really
1 day ago
THANK YOU YWP! you made my life better!!
SDJ 4.4.20
-missed my friend
-didn't eat breakfast
-listened to music
-texted my friend
-decided to finally eat breakfast
-did homework
-all the time missing my friend
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haha sorry about the date!
maybe I'm looking into the future...
2 days ago
Oh my gosh this is an entire mood. Amazing. "decided to finally eat breakfast" "all the time missing my friend" Yep. Sounds about par for the current situation.
1 day ago
I LOVE your username. And yes, can totally relate to your SDJ :D
1 day ago
aww thanks!
1 day ago
what is an SDJ?
1 day ago
Social Distancing Journal, we're writing a sort of diary entries while in quarantine. :)
23 hours ago
sorry i don't want to copy but it seemed like fun... add on to the sentance!

reading a book about...
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...’The Planet of Lampshades’, and...
9 hours ago
...that could've worked except...
7 hours ago
ugh so feed up in work
today i turn fourteen! (in quarantine but whatever, i'm with my family)
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happy b-day!!!!!!!
2 days ago
2 days ago
Happy Birthday Inkpaw!!!! :D
2 days ago
Happy birthday!!!!!!! Hope its the best it can be, during these times!
2 days ago
Happy 14th!! Hope it's really great!!
2 days ago
happy birthday!!!!! Hope your day excels even though it's confined!
2 days ago
Happy (belated) birthday Inkpaw! I hope fourteen is a happy year:)
1 day ago
my sister had her b-day at this time... she was really sad she couldn't do any thing... hope your birthday was better then hers
1 day ago
Happy (late) Birthday!
9 hours ago
if any of you are theater kids
and you're freaking out because
a) your show got cancelled bc of carona
b) they're making a movie of OG Hamilton
let me just say
i can relate
Oh my goodness I didn't know about the Hamilton movie and now I do and this sparks
2 days ago
oh boy
i just realized
i'm gonna be in high school next year
and i won't have any time to adjust to it
before it actually happens.
Me too. I'm really disappointed about all our end of the year trips and stuff that were canceled. I hope that it can be made up sometime.
2 days ago
AW no that stinks :(if you have any general high school questions you can totally ask me, I can try and be of assistance :)
1 day ago
well seance I am moving I am glad they are putting 6th grade in elementry... I don't want my first year in middle school at my new school
1 day ago
do you know what I love about YWP? its that all the love in peoples hearts just pours out into there writing and you can talk about whats bothering you what makes you happy and you can even get feedback on your writing. So I love YWP because of that
I wholeheartedly agree! It's a good community to be a part of!
2 days ago
i know right!
2 days ago
You make it great! Thanks YWP community -- you're really coming through for each other!
2 days ago
Social Distancing Journal 4.3.20
-I've begun to think that no world exists except the walls of my house and my fenced in yard
-I have a new dream for life
-I don't know if I will succeed at my dream
-I have a new hairstyle for lack of ANYTHING else to do
-It helps that you still remember me.
The new hairstyle thing is such a mood. I have short hair and am seriously pondering what I'm going to do as it slowly grows out into a mildly horrifying mullet for lack of open salons. I've always kind of wanted to shave my head, and very few people are gonna see my except my housemate for a while, soooo. Yeah. Adventures are always available, even in quarantine.
2 days ago
… Haha! I can relate. I have unruly curls and I've let them go wild these past few weeks. My friend tried to dye her hair. It
was suppose to be platinum but it turned out orange... an adventure indeed.
1 day ago
Ha yes. Two years ago I shaved my head and it's finally about shoulder length now. I was Eleven from stranger things for Halloween that year!
6 hours ago
Social Distancing Journal - 04/03/2020
- this week felt like it took a month
- can I survive 11(?) more weeks?
- having a marimba does make things better
- really craving mac and cheese even though we had some yesterday
- kinda glad my Health teacher is forcing us to log our exercise because otherwise, I wouldn't be exercising
- legs are sore from doing squats and lunges
- really grateful for my workout app
- should probably get out of bed
- but I have no motivation
All of this is an entire mood. Especially loved these bits:
- this week felt like it took a month (Interesting, my days have felt oddly shorter...)
- can I survive 11(?) more weeks? (I hope so; this writing is so relatable it'd be a shame to lose it!)
- having a marimba does make things better (so random, so marvelous)
- really craving mac and cheese even though we had some yesterday (entire mood)
- kinda glad my Health teacher is forcing us to log our exercise because otherwise, I wouldn't be exercising (makes me mildly wish I had the same... but not that much)
- legs are sore from doing squats and lunges (epsom salt baths and stretches!)
- really grateful for my workout app (same tho)
- should probably get out of bed (eghhhhhhh rest is key)
- but I have no motivation (Valid. Again. Rest is key, especially when the world is stressed out.
2 days ago
SDJ March, no, April 2.
--this week has blurred together . I can no longer remember which day it is, or how many days ago something was.
--Also took to trying to plan out a schedule for the day. I'm usually a spontaneous person, but surprisingly I'm getting sick of
all the free time
-- have started multiple writing/video projects as well as baking to keep busy.
--made blueberry quarantine mcmuffins for the fam. they were thoroughly enjoyable
1. Yes. Same. Feels like summer vacation, but with work, still. And not so much time with friends.
2. Reasonable move. NICE.
3. YES. That's so good.
4. Blueberry quarantine mcmuffins? Like with egg on them? Interesting combo of sweet and savory. I'm here for it.
2 days ago
Thank you :) Nope not with egg, basically anything I bake during quarantine time has a 'mc' in front- Don't ask
me why- I have no idea.
Alsooo Welcome to YWP!
1 day ago