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A tiny moment, story

that awkward moment when someone says "bruh" but it sounds like they said "bra"
I relate XD
13 hours ago
Yes I know! Someone in my class is saying that ALL THE TIME and I say “oh my gosh stop it” but he won’t.
5 min ago
does anybody else lay in bed and think about cute scenarios that will never actually happen in real life but are fun to think about?
When did you die?
I never knew you
But you talked to me in my dreams
I had to tell you to leave
I did not need you anymore
But when did you die?
The day I forgot you.
If there were to guinea pigs in a classroom, and they were named Ying and Yang, what would happen when Ying died? Would there just be a guinea pig named Yang? That's a really sad thing to think about....
I just died.
1 day ago
"Trying doesn't mean succeeding, but it means knowing that you did your best instead of living with the guilt that you didn't."
Blame everything on the youngest.
They're the most naive, right?
They don't know as much as we do.
Yeah, that's it.
It's always their fault when I do something wrong.
I don't have to be responsible
when I can just pin the blame on them
and it would make sense!
A perfect scapegoat.
Ah, they'll get over it.
One day, they'll blame their kids.
See, in my experience, the oldest is the easiest to blame. They're supposed to be the responsible ones, right?
1 day ago
I wouldn't mind having a rusty pick-up truck.
I could spread blankets in the back
and lay down to watch a movie at the drive-in.
I could look at stars
and it wouldn't matter if I'm alone or not
because I'd be happy there.
Even if the doors are a little squeaky
and the tires need changing,
it'd be good enough for me.
Tell me what happened
In this second that your chest rose
And out burst...
I was elsewhere but I felt it in my soul
When you opened your mouth and...
silence is deafening in a creative mind.
a good friend is a pretty awesome thing to have
i think you're a dork, not gonna lie
Okay so hear me out on this one:
Fellow guitarists: you know when you're playing guitar with a guitar pick, and you put it in your mouth because you want to do some finger-picking really quickly or you want to turn a page of riff tabs or something? And you know how the pick always tastes really really bad? Well, what if they were...
Patent that.
It's totally genius and a little gross
1 day ago
I can't help it. I think I like you a little too much. You're actually kind of annoying, and sometimes you're not very nice.

And then there are those tiny moments when I remember why it is that I think I'm in love with you.
Roses are red, violets are blue.
I'm eating candy, what about you!
Happy birthday to someone!
I hate Valentine's Day. Not because I'm "bitter" or "alone," just because I think it's pointless. It exploits my favorite things: pink, flowers, chocolate, love, all for a manufactured holiday designed to make money by convincing people that they need to spend money in order to prove their love. I'm not bitter, I just think love is more meaningful than a rose that dies in a day. I'm not alone, I just think having someone to love is sweeter than any chocolate.
I agree in some ways.
02/14/2019 - 3:27pm
Me too. Valentines day is basically companies convincing people that people only love you when you give them flowers or chocolate.
02/14/2019 - 9:12pm
do i feel most like myself
when everything else
is falling apart
Don't you love it when you find a new band that you like?
What is the most beautiful word in the English language? The cutest? The funniest? The shortest? The longest? The hardest to spell? the easiest to spell? The most colorful? The dullest? Comment if you have the answer to any of these.
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most beautiful: tintinnabulation :)
it means "a ringing of tinkling sound"
02/13/2019 - 7:39pm
Sorry colly wobbles but my vote is iridescent for the most beautiful ;)
02/14/2019 - 11:38am
I love both of those! I have never heard the word tintinnabulation.
02/14/2019 - 3:27pm
Kibble. I don't know why that word charms me so much, but I definitely think that it's in the running for funniest.
02/14/2019 - 8:06pm
I personally love "soliloquy" and "colloquialism." And also "conglomeration" because it's basically a visual onomatopeia--it sounds exactly like an actual conglomeration looks.
1 day ago
we're the inheritors of this earth
this earth, so green and beautiful
save for this sludge
we shovel under false grass
and plastic trees