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A tiny moment, story

Bring me lemons, i make lemonade.
Bring me joy, I make someone laugh.
But bring me harm, and I retaliate.
I love Autumn because it's so pretty. But everything is dying...
There are dead kids in classrooms and money won't shut them up.
1 day ago
Sometimes I hear rapping in the background of songs, and I imagine the words are "Boots And Cats". Where did that even come from, anyway?
Sometimes I hear that too, and then I can never take the song seriously afterwards.
2 days ago
I went to bed fifteen, and woke up sixteen. I think I expected my heart to beat differently; to my disappointment, it was just as quiet as it had always been.
If you start each day with the thought, "this might be the day I die," then you might be prepared for when it IS the day you die. But if you start each day with the thought, "today I am going to live," then you will be prepared for all of the days leading up to your last moments. You will have so many more days that will consist of you living than of you dying. So start you morning with a thought of life that will be the seed to the flower of your day.
When you walk a lot in the woods, when you take a lot of photos in the woods, you develop a sixth sense (perhaps it is an unrealized sound, a scent in the wind or something larger, a fourth dimension sensation perhaps) that there is something ahead, an animal, a bird, something out of the ordinary. Today, as I headed down a steep portion of the trail, my body involuntarily slowed down, grew quiet, deliberate, cautious. When I came to the bottom, the clearing, there was this:
(random haiku poem I came up with)

Walking in Nature
My lungs breathing in and out
In the great outdoors.
There's a voice in my head that narrates everything I see. In the depths of emotion, the voice still tries to put a narrative spin on everything. I've always condemned it as a sign of egotism, of pretentious, that it meant what I was feeling was fake. Maybe I should try and accept that it's just there because I can't turn off being a storyteller.
There was a praying mantis on our window sill the other day...
If the universe took away a star every time I fooled around on the internet during study hall,
we'd finally be able to count them all.
In England, my morning alarm brought with it a rush of adrenaline. I had no idea what the day was going to bring. The weird rattling sound affect produced a jittering in my chest, an excited kind, enough to incite me to get up no matter how late I'd been awake.
Now, the sound of my alarm mainly fills me with frustration and dread.
The old woman trudged up the sandy hill,
Her fingers worn
and permanently bent
from being crossed so many times
only to be disappointed like in a slow-motion movie scene
Autumn is such a beautiful season.
my support must be invisible, but i know that it's there.
Internally displaced,
Internally searching,
Eternally feeling
Just a little out of place
You are more than you believe.
Happy Columbus is a joke day.
You know you worked hard
You're proud
Now you're not sure
You wish you worked harder.
I can definitely relate to this.
10/08/2018 - 6:33pm
the recipe says it has to sit for three hours before i cut into it
so i wait here
trying not to pay attention to the waft of apple cinnamon from the kitchen