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A tiny moment, story

There is nothing in the world
in my heart
in my heart.

I am empty except for the dampened breath on my throat.

I am empty, for you have left me

Here come the waves of life
Here come the waves of the stars
follow the rules of dreams
or be swept away by the riptide of consciousness

do not fear the demons of sleep
but meet them with caution
A bit of knowledge is the best gift you could possibly give someone, because you're giving them:
1: Something they will use, time and again
2: Something they can give to as many other people as they want
3: Something they will keep with them for the rest of their life
oh, i'm so ready for game night!
So happy to be alive
First basketball game vs Hinesburg tomorrow!
Good luck to any Hinesburg MS players!
And now
Your entertainer will amaze you
Stun you
Flabbergast you
With a magic trick they have been saving for last
For your enjoyment and their own:
And everyone in-between...
And the unknown except to themselves...
Prepare to be amazed
As the last one standing
Before your eyes
Into the mist
Of a certain call.
Her worn hands pluck at the guitar strings
Still lots of liveliness left in the fingers
Just articulate enough
To pluck in time
As we all sing
Just in tune enough
to hear.
I look at the wrinkled bends and cracks of her hands
I wish my hands weren't like hers.
We all have a super power.

It's called kindness.
How low would I stoop?

For you, my dear, low enough
that my very head scraped the dust.
I stand here
watching the world
as I knew it
fall apart around me
the only way to get rid of your fears
The magic swirls upwards
Letting off sparks to drift into the snow.
The warmth travels through me,
My eyes alight
They glow a peaceful gaze.
My fingers frozen but soon to be warm,
For my heart is a flame
A blazing light in the dark.
I am here to guide you,
to help you,
to be one more person who
will speak for you
when you feel like you no
longer have a voice.
The view from our picture is amazing. This photo doesn't even begin to capture it.
It's even better in Fall
7 hours ago
Please don't look away
Because I think
You're simply
heaven is in your smile
and hell is on your tongue
there's a time and a place
for everything
so they say

but is there a time
or a place
for bullets to rip through the throats
of unsuspecting children?

death comes for all,
but need his scythe descend
like this?