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A tiny moment, story

i just wrote a poem. a smart, funny one, wondering where all my poems had gone. it was about emotion, and the different ways we suppress it. it was called 'where did my poems go?' and it was going to be my glorious ywp comeback after weeks of iffiness and increasing unstructuredness. then...
somehow, don't even remember what i was doing, i closed the tab. lost both my poem and my status as a logged in ywp member.
where did my poem go, indeed. i was probably asking for that one.
you bled them a monsoon and expected them to dry it with a paper towel
i regret a lot of things i’ve said
but none of them were lies
the way he looked at her
it was like everything made sense again.

but when i thought about it later
maybe it was simply that that was the moment
everything first fell apart...
I would change my username to "Emperor Elmer Kingston-Stokes," but I don't know how to.
I'm just looking back at all the other tiny writes and thinking how un-poetic my mind can be.
You're not sure how someone learns to share love with just fingertips.
I hate listening to babies cry.
And in the feverish nightmare of my own creation I realized that the delicate architecture of my mind had been infiltrated by the most deadly poison. As I tread on the edge of creation, searching for others who might see that it is not in vain, I wondered what had become of you, and whether you wished to see me again. Later, my wretched, broken body washed up on your shores. I laughed and embraced you, and you took me home and put me in a glass box with nothing but a map and binoculars, so that I might observe the world. "Now you shall be safe," you whispered. Oh I love you, with your flaming eyes and your angel skin, and won't you let me out so that I may live and die beside you? But hush now- I hear footsteps on the stairs and I'm not supposed to exist anymore...
Now meaningless words are the most important, and everything you held close is but a trifle. The wrong word will send you spinning. Now run, and may misfortune befall you at all the right times...
I feel as if any future I have is overshadowed by my parents' wants.
My younger brother once saw a tiny jumping spider and pretended to be really terrified, so he hid in one of our dog's kennels.
A few moments later, as he was laughing about it, still in the kennel, he turned around and came face to face with a baseball-sized spider. It was probably the most ironic thing I had ever witnessed.
Art is what happens when people put their insanity to good use.
Rest in peace, Aretha Franklin
I'm scared of saying anything,
fearful of retribution.

Utter attrition could wipe me out,
quench my fire burning within.
you like to test the waters,
i like to dive right in.

you tread softly,
and i am heard from a mile away.

you are earth,
and i am fire.

but we need each other.

that's why i love you.
I believe people can change, it's just obviously easier for them to choose not to. So all in all a lot of people don't change.
Jealousy bites with fangs of a rattle snake and suddenly you realize you are the snake.
I worry so much about becoming an adult that I'm wasting my childhood.
Music keeps me sane.
I found my family this week,
and I never want to let them go.
"Oh yeah, my friend is transferring to viola. We have two of them and eight basses."
"Viola? Where's that?..Oh."
"You thought viola was a school?!"
"I didn't realize you were talking about instruments!"