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A tiny moment, story

I will not bend.
How to get home safely in a thunderstorm? You're 3 miles away- clutching the slick metal frame of your bike as the thunderclouds collide sending tremors worming their way into the small spaces where the worry lies.

Burn it all in the pumping of your legs; feet pressed to the bike pedals.

When the car you don't see speeds out from the garage opening to your side, know later the non-magic of your nerves that drove you to clutch your brakes in a quick-instant; all blinding and fast like the strike of lightning above your head. You found a difference between your and the lightnings' moment of action. You discovered the scale of consistency; reliability: your taught muscles vs. the thin puddle gathered on the concrete; you launch the water droplets into the air. The human force is a controlled cycle- and you
are where yours begins
and ends.
the world stretches in front of my eyes
he folds like a fan when he laughs
Music brings back so many memories.
Its funny how after so long I can still remember the lyrics.
...She said
Understand that this word
Means nothing but what it's always meant.
Hey there, just remember friendo,

"Don't kick the wasps nest if you fear their stings."
Step away
From yourself,
Then turn around
And face the horror
That is now in front of you.
sit still.
we must be patient for this to work.

Speak up!
Move around,
spread words far and wide,
we must act now for this to succeed.

Both work well.
Which do you use?
The net of silence or the flame of speech?
I wonder.....
I wait for the moment
when the ground falls away.
All I’m left with
is a hot boiling center.
How can people not realize what hypocrites they're are?
reality is altered when you watch it through glass
Hard work pays off, just clearly realize that today
I'll miss your wide green eyes.
the time has come.

for what?

who knows?
to take a leap of faith, maybe.
to fly.
i've been trying to fight off the beast.
it's following me.
i can hear its pounding footsteps in my head.
it's drawing near to the end...
and the beast is getting ready to pounce.

the beast is inside me.
Time moves on; her headstone stays.
Anger fills my mouth
but it stays shut
because my lips
are stronger than the venom