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A tiny moment, story

I didn't write for three days and then today I wrote five poems in about an hour. Why am I like this? Lol
life, is crazy, wild, and cruel. It can be hard. But you have to keep pushing through, and learning to be a little crazy, wild, and tough enough to feel emotions, tough enough to cry, and tough enough to live fully, through all the pain, and sunny days after, splinters, and broken mirrors. You have to remeber, that while you are here, you must live. Live with your heart warm, with your doors thrown open wide for opportunity, and your love larger than your hate. You must be tough enough to live.
i sort of have a problem - i'm so proud and stubborn that i get mad at my loved ones all the time and then afterwards i cannot apologize because i build up a wall and i am too embarrassed to express regret at my actions... i love these people so much and afterwards i feel so bad about it because i act like the whole thing was their fault...
anyway this is my crazy life. just needed to rant
Finally, someone put it into words!!!
6 hours ago
hope ya'll can have a not so stressful week this week, and if it is, remember to breathe, and write, you can do this
thankyoui thnk i may have needed to read this. :I
9 hours ago
It's official. I hate Valentine's Day. My school does this carnation thing- where you can buy carnations and send them to people- and I guess I'm just not a fan. I tend to be pretty nervous about being liked, and I like doing things for people. But I have enough friends I'd like to get carnations for that I'm not sure I can. I'm just not sure what to do here, and I really don't want to have to play favorites. Why, oh why, does this holiday make me so anxious?!
Ok, random late night rant over.
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heyo i'm with you on that *high fives* i'm nervous about being liked and valentines day in school is just- pressuring? i'm not sure how to describe it. my school does this too and one year i tried to pick who'd i give the gifts too and blah blah blah it just wasn't so fun cause i didn't want ppl to take offense to not getting one.
This year, everyones getting a lollipop- and they'd better like it XD
1 day ago
New Leaf: you have no idea how desperate I was for someone else to share this opinion. People think that it is so weird when I say I hate Valentine’s Day, but it is my least favorite holiday because same, I am super nervous about being liked. Plus I’m nervous about playing favorites, agreed Treblemaker... I have even taking to asking my mother if I can stay home on Valentine’s because it’s so stressful. Anyway thank you so much for this it helps so much to know that I’m not alone!!!!!!!
10 hours ago
It’s definitely a strange holiday! I like it because it’s a day to appreciate my friends with compliments and love and not necessarily candy or stuffed animals. If you wanted to, instead of buy carnations you could make each of your friends a personal valentine maybe? Just an idea!
9 hours ago
I'm homeschooled, and I pretty much ignore the whole valentines day thing. it's just not my jam you know? i show my friends and loved ones appreciation and affection everyday.
8 hours ago
Exactly. One of my rants has been, if everyone was kind and loving every day we wouldn't need this holiday maybe... just something to think about
6 hours ago
(saw a funny post i'd like to share. I mean absolutely no offense i just though it clever and cute)

Pandas are the best. They're so chill. Just imagine them chilling in a tree with some bamboo like
"dude. racism is so stupid- we're white, black and asian."
this is amazeballs. i love it.
1 day ago
Lol, this is hilarious.
19 hours ago
Please keep the Bryant family in your thoughts. If you weren't aware, Kobe Bryant (41) and Gianna Bryant (13) died in a helicopter crash this morning. Kobe was an NBA all star and Gianna was on her way to becoming a great herself. It really rattles me to think that she was only 13 and I'm 14. Its too scary.
Anyway, send some love to them and the other passengers families tonight
That easily could have been me. Or anybody. Isn't it strange, how cruel life can be, but in a split second you turn around, and there's an infant, smiling up at you, and you smile too, at how beautiful life is, isn't it funny, how imperfect, and real, life is.
5 hours ago
I'm an interesting person. I have no one personality or overal demeanor. When I'm angry/in pain I yell with a Irish accent. I have a tendency to seem very pessimistic until you get to know me. I only like bananas when they're still a little green. And if you even mildly insult my family you are meeting a side of me you'll never want to again. I don't know why I wrote this. I just felt like I needed to.
Everyone has unique qualities that some people think are weird but that I would only classify as awesome. I understand why you felt the need to write this down, it makes sense to me.
1 day ago
thank you, it's nice to feel understood.
1 day ago
An optimist would look in a dirty cracked mirror and still see the beauty in their self
A pessimist would look into the same mirror and see nothing but the dirt instead of the beauty in themselves.
i keep a dream journal so that i'll remember my dreams and keep them as story fodder...
but yet every time i read over it, without fail, there's multiple dreams written down that i don't really remember having or writing about. it's interesting but also quite unsettling.
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haha that is a bit unsettling. I tried to keep a dream journal- but i'd either forget it to quickly or my hand writing would be to messy XD
I'm always interested in dreams tho. apparently every person in our dream we've seen before
2 days ago
I keep a book of dreams too. But I recently lost the multiple keys for the multiple locks, and have to find them.
1 day ago
i write it down in the notes app on my phone to ensure i don't have to read my handwriting, which helps with the handwriting and locking issues.
1 day ago
oohhh smart :)
1 day ago
yeah, i don't have a phone, and besides, even if i did, i still dont think i'd put them in there, i just get very nervous about anybody reading the crazy things my mind comes up with, aside form the ok ones, like giant cobras bowing to me, and bringing me baskets of oranges. those are just random and funny.
1 day ago
fair enough. i turn most of my dreams into stories eventually anyway, so i'm not too worried, but then again i'm probably a little less paranoid than i should be.
1 day ago
Ok, this is risky...

Star Wars or Star Trek?

(I like both)
I don't really enjoy either of them but I would probably pick Star Wars. My favorite characters are the Emperor and Han Solo!
For some reason, one of my random talents is calling twists in the plot (for example I totally called years ahead of time how Ray was connected to the Jedi people)
2 days ago
Cool! My favorite characters are Leia and R2-D2.
2 days ago
weird geek question, who is your favorite pokemon??
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Well, I'm not really a pokemon person but I do like Eevee and Vaporeon.
2 days ago
cool! both are awesome!
2 days ago
I don't super know them well either, but I do like jigglypuff and steelix
2 days ago
aww, jigglypuff is cute. Steelix is awesome too though.
1 day ago
I like pikachu, and Charizard. I am also pretty well versed in the realm of Pokemon, so if you ever need a Pokemon Obsessed Child translator, I'm here.
1 day ago
time is funny
in the way that it seems to have gone so fast when you look back on it
but when you look ahead to the future
it can't seem to come fast enough.
I just looked back at my last middle school yearbook. I've really changed since then. It's crazy to think about all the stuff that's happened since eigth grade.
I hate having to do things that I really dont want to do but i commited so i have too
Ok, poet challenge: describe the most amazing, delicious food you can think of and try to get my mouth to water ;)
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your slightly meaty scent wafting into my nostrils
I smile
I had spent the last few hours walking around the largest city I've ever been in
trying to find you
my eyes go wide with anticipation
as I slowly open the crinkly wrapping of paper
and take the gorgeous sight that is you
a cheeseburger
with lettuce and tomato on a potato bun
I do not hesitate to scarf you down
and polish you off
with a lucky charms flavored milkshake.
(very true story.)
2 days ago
2 days ago
my stomach growls as i take you from the over.
oooey goey mess of brownie
and marshmallows
all within the hold of a cookie.
i place the sheet on the counter.
the smell is soooo sweet.
imagine the best chocolate chip cookie you ever had,
warm and beautiful.
and the best brownie ever made.
dark, rich, amazing
with marshmallows on top.
take one. you deserve.
2 days ago
Ha, these are all great!!! I’m soooo hungry now
1 day ago
hey. today is going to be a good day, and here's why:

you are alive. and you are important.
Thanks, I needed that.
01/24/2020 - 9:55am
we all do, at some point or another. i'm glad i could give you that message.
01/24/2020 - 3:38pm
That moment you realized you own town doesn't care. It's so sad that everyone is so focused on their own personal wants that no one does anything out of the kindness of their hearts.
Note to self: Stop waiting for an inviation to your own party.
What if one day we found out that we are wrong about everything? That we’re living in an empty shell of human perception, and everything we call fact doesn’t even exist.
P.S. Dinosaurs are real too. They’re not friendly either.