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A tiny moment, story

She never said goodbye
But I guess that’s what happens
When you close the door.
There went another one.
And again.
Pop. Splat.
Ew, it got on the mirror!

I miss the way you hide smiles
behind a cracked cup of coffee
the cloudy smoke spiraling upward
like a fountain of sky.
A fresh peach
Is a memory of happiness
these scars don't define me
no matter what people say
I scraped my knee but I got up
and that's what matters.
(just breathe)
I wish I could lose my mind
Because it’s the only thing tearing me apart.
19 rabbits
12 squirrels
5 robins
3 cats
2 dogs
1 human

My walk home
At some point, a dream becomes a reality.
I am holding on until I can find that point,
and then it will all be worth it.
Was I supposed to have fun?
The best way for me to write a story is to read a book based on the certain genre I want to write.
Those books give me inspiration I've never experienced before,
And I've never been more excited to write a story.
Today was not a good day.
Her dress was stained with wine,
Everything was just in her mind.
This whole week was just a dream,
You are horrible at leaving me.
I wait for the phone to ring
Moments are confusing
When love pretends to last
I drove home yesterday evening! Finally learning to drive.
Oh, the sweet, sweet smell of freedom!
I am too!
06/05/2019 - 4:30pm
That's awesome!
Good luck to you and hope you do well on your road test!
06/07/2019 - 9:07am
Dear You,
Are you real?
Be honest
Because unless explicitly told otherwise
I'll wait for you forever
I mean that
Someone told me you were only in my head
But I'll really only believe it from you
So since you haven't said anything yet...

I'm still waiting for you
Love, Me
I'm at a loss for words.
( yet everything is worthy!)
look at your hands.
can you imagine the other lives they could've witnessed.
the other colors they could've obtained.
the people who could've touched.
imagine each atom in your hand
screaming for you be this person right here.
because nothing else would be better.
imagine this and as you do,
accept that nothing is eternal.
- fire girl
I got to pet sixteen dogs today!
Today has been a good day :)