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A tiny moment, story

I look over a lot of my poetry and realize that so so much of it is talking about depression and despair or making the best of the bad deal. sometimes i beat myself up for having too much poetry on one subject, but then I remember how poetry is such a free art and can let you do whatever you want!!!!!!
Welcome new YWP members!!
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you’ll love it here!!!
47 min ago
How many YWP members do we actually have in total??
47 min ago
Oh! That's a good question.
30 min ago
I’ve wondered that a lot!
29 min ago
Boy what a terrible awful week. Is it just me or is December coming in with a bang?
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I actually had a great week... sorry I hope next week is better!!
9 hours ago
I felt lonely this week...I was really depressed. December is crashing down on us.
8 hours ago
Just stressed- I have a whole bunch of summative tests for school coming up next week :(
2 hours ago
I agree it has been a pretty terrible week.
56 min ago
On Wednesday when it snowed here I set out to take some macro photos of snowflakes- that's my photography challenge for myself this winter! Can't wait till it snows more:)
this is a really interesting explanation of what makes existentialism existentialism that I found in the New Yorker: "Kierkegaard appears as the first existentialist, thanks to his insistence that life’s most important questions—How should I act? What must I believe?—can’t be resolved by abstract reasoning."
Another Camus qoute: "absurdity is born in the clash between the human longing for reason and the unreasonable silence of the world."
I just realized how strange musicians must sound to people who don't play an instrument. I was at drumline practice, and some kid stopped everyone from playing, walks over to another kid, and just goes "You need to stop playing ba da da du da da. and start playing digida digida digadop ou bop." Idk if that's all musicy people, but it's certainly the way we explain it when we can't count it b/c its too fast
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Omg yes! One of my dance teachers is always doing this, and it must sound so weird to non-musicy people :)
1 day ago
Lol. Yesss! My band director does that all the time and I can just imagine when people walk by to hear a jazz band sing/muttering odd rhythms in the form of dup dot buap de dada we bop or something or other.
12 hours ago
Hahah, yes! my orchestra teacher does that all the time. And sometimes he also makes us say sentences that match the beat, like: “Hit you with a strawberry, big, bad, die!”. It must be very confusing for non-musicians XD
11 hours ago
Haha yes! @omg moonsand my conductor makes us do that too XD its like; 'mother please can I go." "No eat a your vegetables." Gosh the language of music is so concerning sometimes when you try answer back
7 hours ago
Petition to make 'funner' a word.
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sign me up
1 day ago
Yesss. Me too.
1 day ago
Yes. Definitely.
1 day ago
yes! those annoying grammar obsessed teachers are probably crying for us right nowXD
1 day ago
haha! yes please!
1 day ago
1 day ago
I was just wondering do people like it when we post parts of books we are writing because I was thinking of doing that...?
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I would love to read a piece of your book! I’ve been thinking about posting a chapter of a longer story I’ve been working on, which you’re inspiring me to do!
1 day ago
I would love to hear yours too! Thank you for telling me!
1 day ago
yup! It'd be cool if we had something like the community journalism project, but for chapter books we're working on :) but yes, post it! I'd love to read it :)
1 day ago
Yes!! I would love to read both of your book-excerpts!
1 day ago
I hope you guys enjoy it!
1 day ago
That odd moment when you're watching a movie and they have a brief scene where someone makes fun of opera by playing a painful mash of operatic voices and it sounds exactly like a badly-made collage of the five songs you've been listening to on repeat for the last two weeks
I feel attacked.
21 hours ago
Interesting words:
sonder: (noun) The feeling of realizing that everyone has a life as complex as one's own, which they are constantly living despite one's personal lack of awareness of it.
wabi-sabi: (noun) the recognition of beauty within imperfection. (wasabi?)
absquatulate: (verb) to leave without saying good-bye.

what are some interesting words you guys know?
Wow, those are so amazing! I love sonder, but I also never knew there was a word for leaving without saying goodbye! I have a book called Lost in Translation that shares words in other languages that can't be directly translated into English. It's really interesting to see that yes, there IS a word for that feeling that exists...
1 day ago
I wish I've stumbled across more of these cool words. Here are two words that are maybe not interesting but I find fun to use :)

Dowdy: (of person or their clothes) unfashionable and without style in appearance

parsimonious: unwilling to spend money or use resources; stingy
1 day ago
An interaction between me and my English teacher that made me annoyed:
Me: *trying not to fit a label* I mean, I like to read, but I wouldn’t consider myself a readER...
English teacher: OH, YOU’RE A READER.
Me: Um
I just don’t want to be seen as one thing?
Is anyone else here hopeless romantic?
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Oh yes!
2 days ago
You know what, I’ve never actually been sure what the term “hopeless romantic” means...
2 days ago
@NinaE A hopeless romantic is essentially someone who has high, sometimes unrealistic, hopes for a romance. Pretty similar to a hopeful romantic, which is someone with high, more realistic, hopes. I guess you could say hopeless romantics are optimists and hopeful romantics are realists. That's just what I've always heard and have understood the terms to mean, so someone correct me if I'm wrong
1 day ago
*reads @laurenm definition. Raises hand* yeah when you put it like that then yes, I'm totally a hopeless romantic. Or like strangely optimistic bordering fantasy romantic. And if I can't have that then I don't really bother. Yup.
1 day ago
In a broader sense, it can also refer to someone who idealizes certain tropes or ideas, regardless of their logic. (actually I don;t know if that is true , but that is how I always use it:)
1 day ago
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11 hours ago
5 hours ago
i’m reading Great Gatsby and I realized that I love materialistic descriptions or sassy characters and materialistic sets for movies. I never shop much because I am such a money saver but in my imaginary world, I love crazy wealth!!!
i got to read gatsby for english but judging from that desc i think ima start now.
1 day ago
cool1 have fun with it!
1 day ago
So its December 1 and I'm pretty sure September was a week, October was 22 hours, and November was maybe 5 days? Is this accurate for anyone else?
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That feel about right.
2 days ago
Yup. You got it.
2 days ago
2 days ago
Right? Hmm... actually, september for me was more 2 weeks bc there were a lot of birthdays in that month, but yeah. That sounds just right. XD
2 days ago
1 day ago
Huh, that's strange.....mine seems fine....?
@Stargirl... Why is that your username? Is it just a cool thing to you or is it named after the book? if so, i love it too!!!!
12/01/2020 - 1:31pm
I love the book star girl!
12/01/2020 - 1:31pm
Is anyone else's blog acting a little weird? I tried to publish one of my poems this morning and it published it 6 times.
Yeah, I saw your post(s)... I had to repost an artwork this morning a few times because it wasn’t showing up in my blog, but I never had a piece that published multiple times...
12/01/2020 - 12:52pm
I learned something today. When your pupils are dilated, it looks like the sun during an eclipse, especially if your eyes are dark. Try it sometime; turn on a light and stick your face up to a mirror. Your pupils will dilate, and it's gorgeous. I was blown away. It's something, as a writer, I'm ecstatic to uncover. It'll be such a beautiful sequence when describing new characters.
12/01/2020 - 1:24pm
Wow. Mind officially blown! I would love to see that in a piece of writing!
12/01/2020 - 1:31pm
What is something you experienced over break that made you feel human? ~Roll poll from my APENG teacher
Hmm good question. Actually having a table cloth on the table.
11/30/2020 - 6:52pm
missing the family and not being able to eat an entire turkey by myself...
12/01/2020 - 11:15am