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A tiny moment, story

In all of planet earth,
I am the only pessimistic snail.
Part of me was prepared for this.
Part of me still hasn't accepted it.
Please stay. I need you.
Twisting and turning. Ruffling no feathers.
Truth is a very fickle friend.
My expressions: dead. My thoughts: alive.
Words: locked. Melody is the key.
If I sit down beside you
and smile at you
and you get up to leave,
then it's really over.
I wish I could still remember you
But you are just a fuzzy image in my mind.
I'd say come back so I could tell you I love you.
So much more I wanted to say.
But you are never coming back.
Not now
Not ever
I wish I could've said more
But goodbyes are always hardest
When you know they mean forever.
When your heart is cracked
coated in dark ashes of sorrow
remember that someone will be there to catch you
before you fall in that pit of despair
When the world is lost
we find comfort in things that are found.
pluck, pluck
bow, bow, bow

stretching out notes
keeping them quick, short
holding, holding, hooooooooolding !

there! a cue! play your part!
play your part for the world!
we're all listening!
So often I see a photo of me and say
God this is ugly.

I am trying to stop.
Try to stop too.
It is important to feel beautiful.
No filters or effects needed.

PS You're beautiful
Tick tock says the clock
The hands keep moving
Whether you want them to
Or not.
The happiness dogs feel when they play in the snow is priceless.
I know! It's so fun to watch them run around like it's the first time they've ever seen it.
12/05/2018 - 5:00pm
sometimes songs make you feel more in love
I am building my character, I am earning my name- in the end, I will swim in my own pool of fame.
Be your own #MUSE
What is money?
Is it just a piece of green flimsy paper?
What is its purpose?
Why do people steal
people hurt others
for this?
When really it's just a green piece of paper...
But to us its so much more?
When the time comes
I will speak to you
and I hope
you will speak back