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A tiny moment, story

i look up from the riveting screen, and wonder when im going to start doing something with my life.
I feel the same way
2 days ago
dose anyone know how to get to the challenge "Kindness within
Do you need the link to the Kindness challenge? Try this: https://youngwritersproject.org/node/31087
1 day ago
THANK YOU! sorry about the caps
1 day ago
SDJ 4-7-20

-did school work all day
-went outside to play with my chickens
-made a chalk creation
-played around with my sis for a little bit
-mom gave me a hair cut
-writing/working on 2 art projects
-fond out I am in the rutland herald
What is something/someone/some place that makes you automatically smile? (For me its my tortoise!)
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My friends and family all being together makes me smile every time (it sounds super sappy and I don’t usually like sappy but I love them so much)
2 days ago
2 days ago
my mum
2 days ago
def my mom or the ocean
1 day ago
If you were to look on the outside of all the people, everything is normal. But I always wonder whats on the inside.
the inside. . . is chaotic, messy, and imperfect. but it's also magical and full of crazy awesome things and love and creativity. the inside, is flawed, but it's beautiful too.
2 days ago
at least. . . that's what one hopes is there
2 days ago
Whats your favorite color and why?
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i like all colors equally, because life requires all of them for ballance and because color makes things less boring.
2 days ago
red because it reminds me of blood! I love blood... sorry if i'm a little to dark on that one
2 days ago
Can I choose three? If so, then pink, purple and blue. My favorite combo and also my favorite pride flag. :)
2 days ago
Orange! I don't really know why, it's just always been a color that makes me smile!
2 days ago
Purple, I've always known it to be a royal color and I find it very elegant.
2 days ago
Purple! Since I was little and made up the rebellious chant 'purple rules, pink stinks' I've always
loved the color (obviously I appreciate the other colors now :) Lavender, violets, royal color and an extra lucky color on the rainbow :)
2 days ago
Blue! I find it really soothing, and i like all shades of it, for different reasons.
2 days ago
Orange, because it reminds me of summer, and light or teal blue because it reminds me of the ocean.
2 days ago
catbatgirl, i feel the same way. :) i don't think its weird
2 days ago
I really want to write poetry or a story, but I have no idea what I want to write and have no motivation whatsoever. It makes my head hurt.
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Go to the challenge bank, its one of my favorite virtual places :)
or I can give you a concept to write about... *clears throat* -Why you should've passed me the butter
2 days ago
I feel the same way
2 days ago
magenta bananas, needs to be a thing.
2 days ago
At first I read magnetic and I was a bit confused. Will they just stick to the fridge and you pull them off whenever XD
But then- I used my brain cell. So now I an on board, and I love the idea
2 days ago
cool, though magnetic bananas might be cool too! magnetic magenta bananas!
1 day ago
SDJ 4.7.20
- Went outside and talked to my friend on the phone for a good two hours- it made my week.
- Tried to make loaves of honey bread
- Attempted to be productive and wrote four words in an essay due tomorrow. Oops.
- Tried to eat the bread
- Worked on a few songs and actually enjoyed focusing my energy on music for a few days. Might as well focus on the things I can control
- Threw out the loaves of bread because they were secretly hockey pucks
Social Distancing Journal - 04/07/2020
- I wanna go to sleep and wake up when this is all over
- my mom ordered bagels from Panera
- I want bagels
- I'm gonna live on bagels, hot chocolate, and pasta
- my outfits are all dresses now because I'm too lazy to match two pieces of clothing
- I'm developing a small amount of stress acne
- my hair is starting to get shaggy
- I don't think I trust my mom to cut it
- I think my bagels are here
breathe, things will get better. just let your thoughts, and emotions flow into the words you love so much, and take a moment, what makes you happy?
looking at photographs from my past...
2 days ago
My family and my other friends coming over to visit us and stay with us. Get togethers are my favorite.
2 days ago
sleeping with my dog
2 days ago
Sorry couldn't resist
1.favorite animal
2.favorite game to play
3. witch do you prefer day or night
4. wou[d you rather use a type writer or a modern computer
5. whats your favorite holiday
6. did yo notice what I did to number 4
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1. right now probably a wolf
a. scrabble, or uno
3. night
4. depends, if i'm working id rather have a computer, if it's just for fun i'd really love to try a typewriter
5. christmas, it's a time my family comes together no matter what problems we face
4. yes
2 days ago
1. either a fox or a swan
2. Settlers of Catan
3. day
4. modern computer normally, but I love the idea of using a typewriter
5. Christmas and Easter, they connect to tell the story of Jesus Christ
6. yeah
2 days ago
1. puppy or bunny
2. card game called BS
3. Night. I think i'm an owl at this point
4. Modern computer I guess
5. Christmas, or Haitian independence day (lots of amazing food)
6. surprisingly yes
2 days ago
1. fox all the way
2. charades or capture the flag
3. depends...
4. probably computer, its easier to handle
5. Halloween, I LOVE dressing up!
6. yes
2 days ago
1. Dolphin, they’re my spirit animal as well as so cute, and I love the ocean.
2. Charades, Pictionary or any type of family game I can play with the people I love.
3. It depends what time it is, but I’d have to say night because evening is my favorite.
4. Computer, because I’ve never tried a typewriter, but I think it would be really really cool.
5. Halloween, just the thrill of being outside at night and also the community feel of it I love.
6. Yes.
2 days ago
the unknown is the unknown, and will remain the unknown until the unknown has been discovered and for what we know at all, earth is the heaven we dreamt about. -Fiona Bock 2019
name your favorite taste that's also a smell you like. the first one you think of for instance mine is movie theater popcorn
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2 days ago
I love the taste and smell of peaches!
2 days ago
you like the taste of sharpies? or just the smell?
2 days ago
Mint. Its a comfort smell and I love the taste of it *smiles thinking about it*
2 days ago
I love the smell and taste of vanilla. It makes me happy and calms me.
2 days ago
hmmm probably grapefruit... or orange
2 days ago
Lemon! I'm very obsessed with both taste and smell!
2 days ago
Cinnamon. But also definitely peaches, agree Crescent_Moon. They are the fruit of summer, which makes me really happy.
2 days ago
oops I mean honey buns
2 days ago
(Stolen from Treblemaker, looked like fun) :)

Random questionnaire:

1) How are you doing?
2) What is the strangest thing on your bucket list?
3) What made you you smile today?
4) What's the most rebellious thing you have ever done?
5) Do you speak any foreign languages? (even if it's a little bit)
6) If you could go anywhere in the world right now where would you go?
7) Did you notice what happened in question 3?
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1) Pretty okay, my face is still flushed from confessing my crush to someone over two hours ago.
2) Don't really have one, but I guess the weirdest thing would be try to kiss Johnny Depp, and yes, I know he's 56.
3) A video of a WW2 Vet dancing to Can't Stop the Feeling.
4) Hmm. haven't had too many good opportunities to rebel yet. But probably finding a way to hack into my iPad when I was eleven when my parents locked me out.
5) Some Spanish, a good bit of French, I want to learn Russian.
6) An open Broadway theatre, where I would stay until I died, watching all the musicals ever!
7) I actually had to read the sentence over four times before I noticed.
04/06/2020 - 8:00pm
~first off, flattered that u stole my treble questionnaire :D
1) I'm hanging in there
2) to go up to a random person and hand them a briefcase and say 'you know what to do' and walk away
3) Being outside and sunshine!
4) Go exploring in a theater after being told not to... it was really cool tho so no regrets there.
5) A bit of German
6) skiing, because I've never been and really want to go
7) *reads sentence 8 time* nope. OH. found it XD
04/06/2020 - 8:19pm
1) god i don't know. i'm having one of those days where i honestly can't identify a single emotion i'm having. there's definitely things going on, but i sure don't know what they are.
2) i don't really have a bucket list but i'd like to learn how to talk to people one day, and i think most people already know that.
3) earlier today i looked out and i saw the neighbor's cat stretched out in the sun on our back deck. that made me smile.
4) probably my routine violation of my school's cell phone policy. you can get away with a lot of things if teachers think you're a 'good kid'.
5) i speak a fair amount of french. i was supposed to spend four weeks in switzerland in this coming fall, but obviously that's cancelled now.
6) i really want to go back to ireland. we stayed with this old couple the last time we were there who had quite possibly the nicest kitchen i've ever been in and i miss it every day.
7) nope. i had to read it over a lot before catching on.
04/06/2020 - 10:03pm
1) okay. Not really feeling anything.
2) It sounds weird but I’ve always thought it would be fun to have a ton of kids.
3) well it’s the morning so today hasn’t happened yet, but yesterday I FaceTimed with my friends and that was nice.
4) Nothing. Probably played video games with my friend without asking my mom first.
5) A tiny bit of French. Even less Spanish. But I’m kind of proud of myself, I can conjugate -er, -ir, and -re verbs now in French.
6) To my home away from home, Sullivan’s Island in South Carolina. I miss it so much and we were supposed to go next week. :(
7) nope, not until I read this question. I’m disappointed in myself
2 days ago
1) tired, bored, and sad
2) I don't really have a bucket list, but I do want to go on a spontaneous road trip with my best friends
3) it's still early but I'm listening to Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, and the funny bits make me smile
4) I once downloaded a game on my phone without asking my mom, I deleted it quickly afterward
5) I can say "hello" in French ("bonjour") but that's it
6) my cousin's house, I can't visit her because she's in New York
7) nope, I read it about 20 times before I noticed it
2 days ago
1. disappointed and rather bored
2. put water all over a trampoline so it makes it more bouncy
3. accidentally saying "ratilini" instead of tortellini
4.um I've done lots of little things, but right now the biggest is probably having a boyfriend...
5. I speak a little Greek
6. France, I always want to go to France
7. *smiles* haha
2 days ago
2. make my dog do a dance
3. eating yogert
4. I did YWP all day instead of school work
5. spanish, french, ittalian
6. definetly not china
7. yes
2 days ago
1. not as ok as i try to seem
2. id like to make a giant tub of jello, and try to swim in it
3. my mum coming to check on me
4. being openly gay maybe, i dunno there's a lot, it's just that seems the most drastic that or trying bourbon when my parents weren't looking (it was awful i don't know why people like it)
5. french, spanish, hawaiian, i know one word in chinese
6. mars
7. i did. . . .after i re read it. :)
2 days ago
1. not bad, still yawning despite sleeping a solid ten hours
2. i don't think there's anything unusual... OH well it's not rlly weird but I'm a huge chinese drama fan and I want to meet Wang YiBo and Xiao Zhan
3. This question? I just woke up so haven't done much yet
4. in fourth grade or so I really wanted google + bc all my friends had it... even after my mom said no. back then you had to be 13 for an account so my mom had lied abt my birth year. long story short, i guessed too many times and google deleted my account
5. decent chinese, still learning chinese & spanish
6. Japan to visit my friend... it's snowing rn + cherry blossoms too :)
7. tbh i skipped the question entirely at first cuz my eyes just skimmed over it, but no, even after that it took me three tries
2 days ago
Sorry if I'm copying anyone but it seemed fun so...

Complete the sentence:
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16 hours ago
..i'm gonna have to put you in a kiddie pool full of jello because...
16 hours ago
SDJ 4.6.20
-my teacher didn't show up for class
-facetimed with my friends it was actually pretty fun
-my teacher told us he was sick and that was why he missed class
-thought that was strange
-postponed my homework foreveeerrrrrrrr
-still haven't done my homework and I just really don't want to
-today was lazy
quarantine has turned me into someone who communicates with my friends exclusively through sending them photos of my pets. i'm not sure how to feel about this development.
Watch bloopers for news channels on youtube. There's some really funny ones, and if you don't laugh or at least smile for some of them, I don't know what to say.
Those are hilarious! I had a phase where my family and I would watch them every night a couple of years ago. They are very entertaining!
2 days ago
ugh another school day... but that means MORE WRITING YAY WOOHOO!!!!!!!!........I think I am to passonite about writing
there is no such thing as too passionate about writing. i think that writing from a place of enjoying what your doing, can lead to wonderful things!
04/06/2020 - 1:38pm
04/06/2020 - 2:13pm
sorry about the caps
04/06/2020 - 2:13pm
i'm having a really hard time sleeping lately, i don't know if it's the stress, over consumption of chocolate before bed, loneliness, or some combination of those, but if anybody has any suggestions that would be great. the other night i was up till three thirty am.
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melatonin is a good way to reset your sleep schedule if you can get your hands on it. if stress is the issue then things like meditation and stuff can help.
04/05/2020 - 9:51pm
ok, thanks i'll look into that
04/05/2020 - 9:51pm
ehh it sucks when you want to sleep, but can't I'm having that issue too :/ Try having a set bedtime routine,
and for your body to got to bed around the same time each night, (my goal is 12 but im stilling working on it), turn of screens a half hour before bed too. Try the sun salutation or another short yoga video, and then curl up with a comforting book- nothing with cliff hangers so u don't stay up reading it. Also if you are up- try writing/journaling your feelings.
Maybe there is something bothering you on a sub conscious level that needs to be mulled over and put to rest Hope this helps a bit :)
04/05/2020 - 10:04pm
listen to quite music or maybe a lulaby... wait are those the same thing?
04/06/2020 - 8:31am
I've been having trouble falling asleep too. What helps me is to read awhile before going to bed or reading in bed... it helps me relax. Sometimes having a face mask actually helps, not being to open my eyes makes my body feel sleepier. Taking a bath an hour or so before bed sometimes helps me, adding salts or essential oils are also a nice touch. Tea might work too. I hope these ideas help in some way and that you find yourself in peaceful dreams. :)
04/06/2020 - 9:06am
thank you guys so much! i really appreciate all the help you've given me here!
04/06/2020 - 9:34am
Hey I don't know if your a cat person, but if you can get your hands on a furry god, or just a audio track of cats purring, that helps me get to sleep. Also, is very good for calming down if your stressed out.
04/06/2020 - 11:02am