Sep 27
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Grammar Resources

People are more likely to hold onto grammar rules if they learned them in a fun, easy to comprehend way. Here are some fun and creative grammar resources.


The Yuniversity 
This website is a treasure trove. It has grammar rules covering punctuation, syntax, spelling, and more. They even have essay writing resources. Plus, they post SAT words everyday with easy to comprehend definitions and examples. The Yuniversity is extremely EASY to learn from and navigate — plus, each of their posts have weird and wacky animations, pictures, or even (gasp) memes to help people understand these writing rules in a fun way. 

Khan Academy
Most people know Khan for math help, but the website has expanded over the years to help in all school subjects. Their grammar resources are extensive, and they really have a great coverage in the area of syntax and usage and style. Their videos are easy to follow, and their step-by-step visual guides help even some of the most reluctant learners. They even have a song to help you remember how to correct comma splices. 

The Oatmeal
This website has a very basic list of grammar rules, but everyone always remembers what they see. Through comics, weird and wonderful examples, and modern references, Oatmeal helps people learn the basic rules of grammar on this crazy cool website. The Oatmeal is colorful, yet their distinct and "odd" style helps everyone remember their basic grammar skills because it is so memorable, and so visual. You can even order grammar posters for your classroom. 

Perdue Owl
Perdue is a classic in the classroom. Perdue offers a range of English resources, including a huge list of grammar rules, examples, and guides for students. While this may be more academic than Yuniveristy and Oatmeal, and doesn't have any fun or wacky visuals, it's a classic, down-to-business resource. 


Eats, Shoots & Leaves: The Zero Tolerance Approach to Punctuation by Lynne Truss 
In her book, Truss uses her witty voice to talk about she is concerned for the "grammatical state" of our language. She creates hysterical examples of grammar mistakes so you can CLEARLY see how people are misusing grammar. She shows you how to, and how not to, use punctuation in your writing. 

Woe Is I by Patricia T. O'Connor 
"In plain English," O'Connor covers a vast amount of grammar rules in her guide in a very clear, extremely easy to comprehend, often funny, and simple voice. Her goal with her book is to make grammar rules so easy to understand through her use of language, you'll be surprised why you were stumped in the first place. 

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