Nov 07
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The carnival

One night, me and 3 of my friends went to the carnival together. I went to the bathroom and heard screams. I thought it was people on a roller coaster because we were right next to the scariest ride in the whole carnival. I walked out of the bathroom and no one was there. Just a few rides going in circles and circles. I started yelling out “Guys? Are you there? Where did everyone go?” No responses 
so I called out again “Guys?” 
Someone whispered “Be quiet or you're going to get us all caught!” 
I said “Where are you? There’s no one around.”
He whispered again “Look up!”
I looked up and there they were about 20 people hiding on the dark stands roof. I saw a ladder going up to the top and I ran to it. I crawled up and pulled the ladder up behind me. I looked across the whole carnival on almost every roof there were people on the tops of rides scared. Just hiding, ducking. I was confused why people were so scared. I asked the woman next to me. She pointed, there were people walking around in all black with paper bags on their heads. I was shaking and on the verge of tears. I covered my mouth and tried not to vomit. 
. Suited in all black, as all the rest of them, but with rusty chains tied around him. He seemed to be the leader. I looked and didn’t see a hammer, but a chainsaw. There was no other clowns in my sight, me and everyone else on the roof were all focused on the ones yelling. I saw a dash of black and brown next to me. I quickly darted my head to see what it was and sure enough, it was a person with all black and a brown paper bag on their head. I screamed and jumped off the roof. Everyone followed. 
All I remember after that, is running and then being grabbed by the wrist and injected with something. That was the last moment of my life.
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