Dec 03

The Kind Squirrelyhoo

Chick a lick
Wickle a doo!
Where are the nuts

Chatter chatter hee haw
on the prime kazoo!
I will proudly continue,
to make a delightful hulaballoo!

Scribble scramble
down the bark, on the ground
waddle a hee!
Green stalks run amock!
How utterly blithersome!

Dig a lig,
scrape the soil to find the nuts!
Nothing but empty soil?
Silly beyond belief!
I am absolutely certain they were there.
In the frizz of the bizzy blow.

I must find them,
chatter, scramble, chatter,
But nothing but the foloumph of
green grass in cloppery clumps.

I see another squirrelyhoo,
hopping like a hooligan with a nut
She always finds her nuts.
I look down, eyes large and sad.

She stops,
sets a knuckly nut at my paws,
dark brown top serrated with layered hexagonies,
smooth caramel brown like a sheet of parchment paper,
scampers off lickity splititty splof!

I swirlivel in surprise and my eyes spark,
Warmth fills and wallowith and glow!
I smile after the squirrelyhoo,
wondering how by giving away a nut
could give it so much more worth
than when it was first squirreldugged.