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A Car Ride


“Look in the mirror.”

“We did nothing wrong.”

“No. Slowing down won’t change how they see us.”

"It’s never fair. Sooner you accept that, sooner you can began to live with it.”

“Don’t you get it? There’s nothing you can do! We’re different.”

“Too bad. You can’t change it, may as well learn to live with it.”

“You know why not? Because they’re dead. They were killed for doing exactly what you’re planning to do. Look, I’m not saying it’s not wrong. But countless people have died for it, and no one knows their name. And personally, I don’t wanna die for something that won’t change because I died.”

"Of course I’m afraid! Everyone’s afraid! They’re afraid, we’re afraid. Compassion doesn’t influence our actions anymore, and neither does greed. Fear does. We’re all slaves to fear.”

“You can’t refuse. If you do, they’ll crush you.”

“I survive by knowing that I worship a different fear. That’s the only place where we’re truly free. In choosing our fear. That’s the only thing we don’t have to fear.”

“I have changed. I have to survive.”

“I can’t have more. I can’t help it, I can barely talk about it. We all have to live with it, some of us are just willing to accept it while others feel they have to fight it. That’s the difference between me and you, John. I see the police lights, and I force myself to deal with the indignity. You think that behind the lights there’s maybe a chance to be seen as one of them. You haven’t seen your best friend shot in front of your eyes, you haven’t seen your brother killed by the gangs. You didn’t learn to keep your mouth shut and your eyes closed so you didn’t see what was around you! You don’t have the rage within you but the inability to use it! Oh, hello Officer.”

As a sub note, I'd like to apologize for assumptions of the emotions embedded in those involved in this segment. I cannot hope to guess at the complex feeling and fears felt by police officers and their "victims" alike. However, this is a way for me to express how I feel concerning the entire situation, but in no way do I presume to know and understand the hardships felt by these two communities. 
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