Dec 07
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BatZach and SuperLorr

My name is Lorr, some say i'm the geek and nerd of my school,but they have no clue who I am in the night. I'm SuperLorr 5'3 vigilante saving my town. My partner is BatZach he's only a little taller with the height of 5'5. We met eachother while chasing down the same criminal. I was turning the corner chasing her down when we ran into each other. We lost the the criminal but BatZach caught her before I got the chance.
  He has a tree house that on the outside looks nasty and like its about to fall apart,but on the inside there high tech equipment he barely knows how to use. I on the other hand have a bunker 5 blocks away I have a police radio nothing to complicated and fancy. We fought for a week before we decided to become allies and partners to work as a team. Both of us are alleged nerds of our seperate high schools, basically inivisible. There are down falls of being separted and an upside. A downfall is that if there was an emergancy we'd have no way to inform the other. An upside is that no one can say we work together, they probably couldn't even prove we know eachother. The reason for our names is that he has his Batman ring he always wears and I have a Superman sweatshirt.
 Our team is in need of a tech guy, so that they can be our eyes in the sky and make us better suits. Eventually me and him are going to go from olny saving our town into saving our city,our state, our country, eventually even the world. We have been working together for a year now we are doing a good job with protecting our town. Once we find a tech guy we'll be basically impossible to beat us. We are both now in a senior year of high school finally with a tech guy and no one not even the cops have any clue of who the vigilanties are, they haven't even gotten close.