Dec 11
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What is fear?
These are words that plague my mind 
They pound against the inside of my brain,
like a restless animal in a cage, begging to be let out
To some these might mean a clown, a dog, a class,
To others it might mean great height, the dark, the night
I think about what these words mean to me 
I am afraid of the future 
I am afraid of the past
I am afraid I will live my life
way too fast
I am afraid of failure,
Of no gain
I am afraid I’ll be another drop
In the pattering rain
I am afraid of some simple things too,
Like stink bugs, heights, and centipedes 
These things all define me 
Whether big or small 
But no matter how strong 
They won’t make me fall
I’ll fight through my fears
Though they won’t go away 
I will push through 
And maybe some day 
They just won’t seem so big
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