Dec 15
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Not having a phone

Allie Root

Oxbow High School


                Not Having a Phone

    Last year, during the end of the school year, I didn’t have my phone for five days.  It was pretty bad, but not terrible.  When I woke up one morning, I decided to set my phone on the counter in the bathroom.  This was probably not the smartest idea due to the fact that my little brother is a monster.  While I was doing my hair, my little brother decided to come in and climb all over the counter, pushing my phone right into the toilet.  You can probably guess that I was pretty upset.  Lucky my mom was smart, and put it in rice for me.  I ended up using the spare phone that I had for three out of the five days that I couldn't use the other one, but still not having a phone for just two days was rough.  Having a phone gives you something to do when you're bored, and with not having one you tend to try to do other activities.  For example, I was so bored I even helped my mom with more of the chores around the house and I cooked food with her.

    At school, pretty much everyone has a phone.  So by not having one and watching everyone else go on theirs, it was kind of weird.  Of course all of my friends thought it was so funny my phone got dropped in the toilet, because conveniently I had a Nemo case on the back of my phone.  So everyone was saying that Nemo and Dory just wanted to go back to the ocean.  Not having a phone can be so tough, especially with the generation we are in right now.  Texting is the way people communicate, so for two whole days I didn't really talk to my friends all that much except for in school.  Also, having a smartphone can get you out of uncomfortable situations, like you could alway pretend that your playing on your phone or texting someone when you don't know what t do next.  Lets just say that in my opinion, I think that not having my phone was really hard and I hope nothing like that ever happens again.  

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