Dec 15
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Society told me
That being a girl meant 
Pink dresses and long hair
Told me that it meant painted nails
And painful shoes
Makeup and
Society told me
That being me wasn’t enough
Told me that I should be an object
An perfect body
With an empty mind
Society told me this
When I was five
When I was six
When I was seven and eight and nine
And when I was ten it took root and made me
That I wasn’t one of those girls
I was supposed to be
That this was my future,
A life of feeling insufficient
A life of measuring myself
Against other girls
And that anger grew hotter until it was a flame
I was eleven
I hid my hurt in boy’s clothes
Ran from the stereotypes
Because I could not defeat them
Because I couldn’t tell the truth
Scorned other girls
Because I couldn’t bear to live as one of them
I was a coward
I still pretended I didn’t care
It was easier that way
Secretly I watched what other girls wore, how they ate 
I tried to change myself to become what society wanted me to be
And yet I still lied
I don’t care I shouted to the world
I care whispered my soul
And it was worse
Public school was full of the stereotypes
My friend lifted her shirt above flat stomach 
Rows of ribs showing
Called herself fat
A power move
Making me feel insecure
And it’s overwhelming
The expectations that bind me
And cause me to judge others
It’s a viscous cycle
And I don’t know how to stop
Society taught me this
My sister
Is coming into this reality
Becoming aware of what it means for her
My sister
Will have to live with the burden of society’s expectations on her shoulders
Will she have someone to tell her she’s perfect?
Will she believe them?
Or will she fall, with the rest of us
Into this fucking, downward spiral
Of self doubt
Caused by society?
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About the Author: Della
'I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it.' -Nelson Mandela