Dec 19


Sometimes I fear that others don't need me
The same way I need them.

They don't
breathe the gentle space of conversation.
They don't... pursue the overcrowded couch, a reunion of overlapping knees and adjacent thighs, to rekindle their flickering flame.
They don't
jokingly say that they were born into the wrong culture in a not-so-joking way, because their chest aches for good friend hugs, more frequent piggy backs, and heads on shoulders in the dark.
They don't
feel the absence of company from afternoon through evening when that time is instead filled with sports practices and isolated homework.
They don't
need interaction or time spent together, just for the sake of sharing space and time, the way I do.

Or do they?

If so, what is it keeping them from embracing these things, too?
Why is it that they don't seem to need me the same way I need them?