Dec 20

My Christmas

You say Christmas is
hot cocoa,
candy canes,
all a sort of stereotype.

To me,
Christmas is
forgetting the world's flaws,
as snow coats our little town
in a protective blanket of peace.

Christmas is
what we are all lucky to have in our lives,
what we can be thankful for,
as parents,
and grandparents
all share light and love
and I can see
light in their eyes as they laugh,
smiles as they sing.

Christmas is
celebrating the world and our connections
all linked together as beings,
all coming as ourselves.

It doesn't matter
at one point in time,
what religion you practice,
how you dress,
what ethnicity you are,
but this happens to me
on Christmas Eve.
When snow is falling,
when candles light the faces
of all of our church community
as we sing and face each other in a circle,
when I can't remember my friend's fight,
or how much homework I have to complete,
this is my moment
to clear my jumbled mind,
to let everything stop in time.

There may be much more to my Christmas
as that of others.
A little piece of me
is in Christmas time,
when I can let go
and breathe in the air.
About the Author: BloodMoon825
"I do not agree with a word you say but will defend to the death your right to say it." - Voltaire