Feb 02
poem 0 comments challenge: Morning
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It was a beautiful morning, 
And nothing was wrong. 
Yet, I found myself crying. 
Heaving uncontrollably, 
With no reason to be doing so. 

A single word,
To describe my miserable life. 

I remember when I first heard the news,
“You have depression,”
And not knowing what this meant. 

What is depression?
Deep sadness,
What you feel after losing a loved one?
It wasn’t explained to me.

Depression isn’t just feeling sad,
Depression ruins lives. 
Depression is waking up,
And wishing you hadn’t. 

I do not expect others to understand, 
My condition is complicated. 
I cannot expect someone to understand,
Something I do not understand myself.

I woke up today,
Nothing was wrong.
Nothing was right. 

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