Feb 22
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The Sound Of Darkness

The words cut deep in my mind as I replay what she said to me. What they all say by their looks when I walk down the hall. The whispers I hear behind me in class. They think I don't know, but what they really don't know how deep they break me. I try so hard to be kind hoping something might change but it never does. I smile and laugh when I'm supposed to, and cry and pout when others do the same.
No one knows how I feel, nobody has ever cared. There's only one person and that"s me. I may laugh, I may cry, but it's all something for me to hide behind. Inside I'm trying to claw at myself, trying to get through the hate. I feel like my life has put me in a never-ending tunnel of darkness, where there is only one tiny speck of light in the distance. A distance so far away I can never reach the end. Some days it shuts me out. When it shuts me out I feel a pain unimaginable. I cry at the pain in my head, my heart, the words around me, and the pain on my skin. I cry so hard I start seizing, not knowing how to handle anything in my life. I wonder how much more I can take of this, why can't I just stop it now, but I stay because I always have hope that the light will come back bigger and brighter, but I'm starting to lose hope.
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