Mar 21
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Three Words

The sun beams down on me from the bright blue summer sky. The black concrete burns through my cherry-colored flip-flops. I can already feel the sun burning my not-yet-tanned-skin. Instead of wearing a T-shirt that would cover my shoulders like I should have, I chose my ocean-blue tank top and jean shorts. It’s still morning but I can already smell sunblock and ice cream as I walk towards my best friend Abby’s house. It’s our first day of summer routine, I always walk over to her house and we spend the day at our neighborhood pool. As usual, I pass the general store, where a bunch of little kids are already gathered outside counting their shiny silver quarters. “Do you think I have enough to buy a creamsicle?” A little girl in a bright pink sundress asks a bored looking teenager standing beside her.
I continue walking and just out of habit I absentmindedly drag my fingers along the general store’s brick wall. Ahead of me something catches my eye. It’s a loose brick. If I hadn’t been walking right along the wall I wouldn’t have noticed it. I walk towards the brick. I push my fingers into the crack and pry the brick out. I see something white flutter down to the pavement. I bend down and grab it. A note? I unfold the slightly yellowing paper, being careful so I won’t rip it. I glimpse three words written in blue ink on the paper: You are beautiful. That’s it. That’s all the paper says. Carefully I rip the paper in half and in the half that doesn’t have writing on it I write three more words: You are loved. That’s it. Then I fold the paper up put it and the brick back in their spots. I walk away from that wall into the summer sun; smiling.