Mar 25
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Golden Rain

A milky white waterfall disperses into the muddy sea.
The white fluid travels in all directions,
Running away from the threat of the unknown
Only to disappear in the murky water.

A thick golden syrup rains down from the heavens
As the sickly sweet smell of danger fills the air.
A long silver wand gently stirs the concoction together,
Swaying the calm ocean into a crippling tide.

Small beings float to the surface.
Occasionally collapsing if the silver wand twirls with too much force.
They huddle together
As the ground beneath them shifts with internal movement,
As chaos pushes them to the edge of their known world,
As the raging ocean slowly pulls them under.

The walls that enclose their chamber of torture are tall and smooth,
Made of thick concrete
That stretches to the sky.

The silver wand flies away
Leaving them at peace.
The ocean starts to calm
Under a sea of dim orange light
From an artificial sun.

A few beings remain on the surface.
They try to climb the outer wall with no avail.
Their long translucent arms cling to the edge.
They cling for a source of life,
An act of pure survival.

Then the ground starts to shake
As their world gets lifted into the air.
The water pulls them under once more,
And they sink into a dark abyss.
Killed by the same event as their own creation,
Knowing only the inside of their watery prison,
And the fear in their last moments.

A girl sits in her dim kitchen
With a ceiling lamp far too old.
She sips her tea
In a dim orange light,
And contemplates the life of bubbles.