Mar 29


You're not charming.
Your laugh is throaty
and fades into silence if you laugh too hard.
Your hair sticks up in crazy cowlicks
and refuses to stay down.
Your words are sloppy
and you always backtrack to explain.

And that's okay.
Because my fondest memories
are you and I,
side by side,
us laughing so hard
we fall silent
and shake.
I remember the light
and your hair,
forming a golden halo
and your goofy grin.

You said something
and I think the way I looked at you
made you scared.
It didn't offend me,
but you became red in the face,
head shaking back and forth
as you blubbered over how sorry you were.
I laughed
because I was thinking of how
it was.

You're not charming.
And that's where your charms are.