Apr 05
poem 0 comments challenge: Contrast


I keep on dying over and over again.

Each time it chips away my identity.

Because i’ve learned to love and forgive.

to not forget and give in.

Now, I am strong and no longer cold.

Cause,  I have faith.

It helps the waif So, I hope my faith will give you blaze.

At the end of my days.

I want the knowledge

but it slips out of my hands

I’m looking for something in the sand

But I don’t know what

I just feel it in my gut

I keep searching until there’s no more

Until I get lost into the shore.

And It keeps slipping from my hands

Getting lost in the sand

I hear you coming

my pain already starts to fade away.

My inner demons are numbing.

You are leading them astray.

when you see me falling.

you pick me up for a hauling,

When you see me in pain.

you don’t let them rain.

You are my antidote.

You donned on my reflective coat

You are my last breath

You helped me find what’s left

You wash away my fears

Yes, you are here

My cracks and rips are tearing open,

Oh, I am so broken.

It stings more and more,

I am just, so sore

My blood is dripping,

Slowly slipping.

I hide away from the prying eyes,

I look away with no pride.

I hate all of these tears,

Now, everything that’s left is despair.
I still hold on,

All the way till dawn.

I keep on burning,

and my strength remains churning.

I remember your words,

They were sadness sherds

I will stay on my path

and roadblocks, they will face my wrath