Apr 15
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Keep Us Children Safe

We see the videos of kids like us on both sides: some are pro-gun control and some don't want any restrictions on guns.  But before we talk about the solution to the problem, we must first fully understand what this is all about.  This issue is about teenagers not being killed at their schools, a place where they are supposed to have problems, but none that kill them.  Adding restrictions may help keep guns out of the wrong people's hands, but there are already too many guns available to dangerous people.  So are we supposed to accept that students can get killed and there is nothing we are supposed to do about it?  Slowing the sale of semi and fully automatic weapons is just one problem.  It also is about finding a way to educate gun owners so that they understand the power of the weapon they own.  Along with background checks, there needs to be some kind of gun safety course for people who want to own a gun.  At the end of it, there must be a test to make sure we do not put a gun in the hands of someone who will kill other people.
People who do not own guns need to understand that not every gun owner is out to kill them.  The majority of gun owners use them for hunting, an important part of life in this area of the country.  Another thing non-gun owners need to know is that most gun deaths are homicides, not mass shootings.
Let's make sure that we do something before more kids are killed, and no more lives are ended because we're afraid to upset a few people.
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