Apr 24
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Letting Go

People always talk about how letting go of a toxic person is a wonderful thing
But no one talks about how hard it is to come to the realization that the person you love is toxic
No one talks about how you slowly realize you're crying more than you're smiling
No one talks about the sleepless nights awaiting a phone call that's not coming

Coming to the realization that the love of your life is toxic is a horrible feeling.
The emotional toll it takes on someone to leave that person behind can sometimes be unbearable
Coming to terms with losing them is another hard one.
When you've given someone all of you for so long, they become all you know.

They had the opportunity to not be toxic, but they blew it every time
For every, "I believe in us", you recieved a, "Give up. It's not going to work."
For every, "I will always love you", you got a, "You shouldn't" or an "I didn't ask you to love me"
Just because you weren't asked to love them doesn't mean your heart won't always lead you back to them

And it hurts. It hurts knowing that no matter how much you give them, it'll never be enough
When they needed anything, you were right there for them
When they wanted a physical connection to someone, you were the first to offer your body
When they told you they loved you, you knew it wasn't true

Because if they really loved you, they wouldn't have put you through hell
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